How one lucky snorkel diver found a $100,000 diamond in a coral reef

How one lucky snorkel diver stumbled on a $100,000 diamond nestling in a coral reef – and the big-hearted offer he made to his cruise ship mates

  • A Bundaberg man found a $100,000 diamond while snorkelling off a cruise 
  • He has now revealed how he found the jewel nestled in a reef and grabbed it 
  • He checked with other passengers to see if it was theirs before claiming it
  • The massive rock was valued at $100,000  and now sits in a safe at his home

A Queensland man has revealed how he spotted a glistening $100,000 diamond nestled among a coral reef as he snorkelled off a cruise ship. 

Bundaberg man Stuart said he was diving 10 years ago when he made the amazing find miles from civilisation out at sea.

Honest Stuart offered to hand back the stunning jewel to anyone on board his cruise ship if they had lost it and could accurately describe it.

But with no-one laying claim to it, he held onto it for himself – and has kept the glittering rock under lock and key ever since. 

A Bundaberg man found a $100,000 diamond while snorkelling while on a cruise 10 years ago but has revealed how he would have given it away if he’d found its rightful owner (stock image)

Stuart told Queensland’s Triple M Rush Hour hosts Annabelle Brett and Elliot Lovejoy that the lucky find was glinting at him as he was snorkelling in a reef. 

‘I was diving down, snorkelling around the reef and it caught my eye and I dived a bit further down and I grabbed it,’ he said.

‘The size of my fingernail, it was a two and a half carat diamond.’

Stuart said he couldn’t keep the find a secret from the rest of the ship and owned up to the find when he came back on board.

‘I told them I’d found a stone a precious stone, I didn’t say any more than that.

‘But (I told them) that if anyone lost it on this cruise they can come into my cabin and if they can describe what it is – it’s theirs.

‘I didn’t say any more than that,’

With 10 days left in the cruise, Stuart insisted he would have been happy to hand over the diamond to its owner.

The huge diamond, the size of a man’s fingernail, was valued at $100,000 after Stuart took it to experts (stock image)

Lady luck was travelling with Stuart on the cruise as he went on to win $11,500 in his first time playing bingo (stock image)

‘If it was theirs it was theirs,’ he said.

In the end, Stuart got to hold onto the rare stone.  

‘No one came and asked for it so I’ve kept it and I’ve had it since then,’ he said.

‘We had it valued at $100,000.’

He said he’d resisted the temptation to sell it and revealed it never leaves his house, locked up in a safe.

It proved to be just the start of a lucky streak for Stuart on the cruise. 

He told the show: ‘I played bingo for the first time in my life on that cruise and won $11,500.’

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