How Prince Harry is now a 'chimpo' after landing LA job one year on from quitting Royal life

PRINCE Harry is now a “chimpo”. Which, apparently, is how the Americans refer to the role of chief impact officer.

Quite what or how he’ll be “impacting” is anyone’s guess, but this is just one of the trendy, La-La Land job titles that are slowly making their way across the Atlantic to these shores.

Another is CIDO (chief inclusion and diversity officer, as you ask) and word has it that The Queen is about to appoint one after the recent, highly controversial “recollections may vary” incident.

Others include CHO (chief happiness officer), data ethnographers (nope, me neither) and, my absolute favourite of all, a “mood manager”.

Imagine it. A plush office, company car and six-figure salary, and all you have to do when someone wanders in for a whinge is say: “Cheer up mate, it might never happen.”

Where do I sign?

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