Huge buffalo rams horns into open-sided safari vehicle full of tourists

This is the moment a huge buffalo repeatedly rams its horns into an open-sided safari vehicle full of tourists.

The startling scenes were recorded by onlookers who were on a safari in South Africa.

In the video, a huge buffalo can be seen ramming its horns into the front of the vehicle and even tries to climb onto the bonnet.

The driver begins reversing away from the buffalo but the enraged animal runs after the motor, ramming its horns into the front of the car and jumping up to get its head onto the bonnet.

The buffalo then moves to the side of the vehicle and begins ramming its horns towards the front-right wheel as the driver continues reversing away.

The jeep comes to a halt but the buffalo continues its attack, causing the driver to rev the engine in attempt to scare the animal away.

Some of the tourists look spooked while others record the buffalo on their phones.

Eventually, the buffalo gives up and backs away from the jeep.

The video was posted to social media and has been viewed 218,000 times so far.

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Neitzen ‘Lee Dube’ commented on the clip: "This could have ended badly."

And ‘Bianca Van Buren’ joked: "You have to ask before you take photos."

While ‘Nicola Riccardo Nicolosi’ added: "This is why I’m uneasy around buffalo!"

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