Hungry bear struggles to steal pumpkin off porch in Ontario

Gourd try! Hungry bear struggles to steal huge pumpkin off porch in comic doorbell camera footage

  • A black bear ravaged through decorative gourds and tried to steal a pumpkin 
  • Ashley Larose Nest from Ontario, Canada, captured the thief’s clumsy attempts
  • It stumbled, tripped and fell over as it tried to get away with the stolen pumpkin

A bear began trick-or-treating early as he tried to swipe a large pumpkin from a front porch in Ontario, Canada, after eating the other gourds on display.

The furry four-pawed thief can be seen struggling to steal the gourd off a porch in the dark, in doorbell camera footage shared by the home’s owner. 

The black bear rolled the pumpkin off the porch and clumsily tried to carry it away, knocking over a plant pot in the process.

The festive treat slipped around in the bear’s paws as the animal stumbled back and forth to get a grip on it.

In the hilarious footage captured by Ashley Larose from Sudbury, the pumpkin poacher struggles to stay up as he falls and trips to try and get away with the festive vegetable.

In another attempt the bear tried to sink his teeth into the pumpkin as he stood on two hind legs.

The black bears falls on his bottom in one unsuccessful attempt to get away with the pumpkin he discovers on a front porch in Ontario, Canada

The bear rolls the festive vegetable towards him, knocking over a plant pot in the process

But once again it dropped the gourd in a hasty retreat. 

Larose later said: ‘It came exploring after we had put out our autumn decorations and actually snacked on several pumpkins before trying to go in for the biggest one of the bunch.

‘We found it a few meters away, still intact – it must have just been too much work on a full tummy.’

The bear tries to make away with the pumpkin on his hind legs but drops it and stumbles forward

She added the bear was ‘probably taught by its mother that this is a great neighborhood for snacks from a garden or compost.’

In some instances wildlife experts have issued warnings about setting up decorative pumpkins on the front porch. 

During fall the sweet smell could attract bears, who are stocking up body fat in preparation for hibernation.

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