Husband of jailed Brit mum Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe reveals Iran has charged her with ‘spreading propaganda’

Nazanin's husband Richard said they were "holding our breath" after Nazanin appeared in an Iranian court on Saturday.

The 40-year-old charity worker appeared at the hearing and presented with a 200 page file and was told she needed a new lawyer.

Richard, speaking to The Sun Online, dismissed the so-called evidence against her.

He said: "Most of it seems to be press cuttings of our campaign, it's not ‘evidence’ of her having done stuff.”

Despite the new hearing the couple are still in the dark as to what happens next.

Richard said: “Our experience of the court process so far is that it hasn’t been very positive so there’s a bit of holding our breath this time.

“In terms of what happens next? Who knows.”

During the hearing Judge Salavait warned her that she was likely to be found guilty and dismissed her lawyer and gave her just ten days to find a new one.

The couple have been given some hope as the court allowed Nazanin to phone the British embassy for the first time since being in prison.

Richard said: “The court case happened on Saturday, which made us pretty low. Then there was the phone call on Sunday which made us more upbeat.

“The fact that she was allowed to call is a good thing. It’s very easy for me to over-read things and get confused.”

He added the response of the embassy had been "quite cautious – I guess

guess they were trying to get their bearings on why this was allowed.”

Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesperson said the Foreign Office was "seeking more information from the Iranian authorities" and the Government is committed to securing Nazanin's release.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We will continue to approach each case in a way that we judge is most likely to secure the outcome we all want.

"Therefore we will not be providing a running commentary on every twist and turn."

During the hearing Judge Salavait told her she was likely to be found guilty.

It comes after Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal recently, breaking with US allies in Europe and potentially worsening the crisis in the Middle East.

Nazanin has been held in Iran on spying claims claims since 2016, when she was arrested during a holiday with her daughter Gabriella.

And he believes a case is being opened against her as the Foreign Secretary prepares to meet his French and German counterparts and EU high representative Federica Mogherini for talks.

Members of Nazanin’s family visited prosecutors for an update on her case earlier this month, and according to Mr Ratcliffe they say she is being used as a "bargaining chip".

He said she told him of the development in a 5.30am phone call on May 14, and added: "I have no clue why they have started all this nonsense again. They know Boris is coming.

"Please take me out of this, please. My parents have had enough. I want my daughter back. She needs both of us. So tell the world. Enough of this nonsense."

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