I got this tattoo as a tribute to my mom but the artist botched it and NO ONE can work out what it says

A WOMAN got a tattoo as a tribute to her mom but the artist botched it and now no one can work out what it says.

Reddit users have been scratching their heads over the tattoo, which has become almost indecipherable.

The woman posted a photo of the dodgy ink job on her chest under the caption: "Had this chest tattoo done by my ex when I was 16. Congrats to whoever can figure out what it says."

And that's when Reddit user chimed in with their own hilarious interpretations.

"Always on my mind forever in my heart," guessed one.

"Did you kids start learning cursive [writing]?" added another.

"Always rinse your fleshlight (sic)," quipped a third.

"Allison my stud, Fondling my fart" joked another.

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"Alyson my nerd foam may hurt," wrote a fifth.

Others were left in stitches.

"F*** man I can't stop laughing," wrote Rahawill42 while another user added: "This absolutely killed me off."

It comes as a TikTok user took to the platform to blast the tattoo artist who messed up her very first inking.

The woman, who posts as @crazylitswagmaster, had asked for a semicolon on her wrist.

But the blundering tattoo artist appears to have got their punctuation mixed up, and inked the comma part of the semicolon the wrong way around.

It means the woman was left with a period and a comma on her wrist, rather than a proper semicolon.

And another woman was ridiculed by Reddit after she posted a photo of her tattoo which shows a snake wrapped around a plant that has two flowers coming out of it.

Redditors mercilessly ridiculed the pattern, with some comparing it to fruit peel.

Others claimed it was a “beautifully executed parasitic roundworm”.

Redditors claimed that the snake’s spine appeared to be broken in three places and pointed out that its eyes appeared to be far apart.

One commented: “The anatomy is completely wrong.”

Some speculated that the tattoo was inked by two different people.

While, others were more sympathetic as they said the outline of the flowers looked realistic.

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