I left the police force to make £6,000 a month as an OnlyFans model – there is one thing I'll never do again | The Sun

A FORMER cop has revealed how she is earning £6,000 a month on OnlyFans after ditching her uniform.

Social media sensation Marcia Carvalho decided to quit the police force and take up a more raunchy role.

The blonde beauty, from Santa Catarina, Brazil, says she now rakes in ten times more than she did in the police thanks to the racy snaps and clips she shares on adult content platforms OnlyFans and Privacy.

Marcia has insisted she will never wear a police uniform again as she makes around £6,200 a month.

She told local media: "I started out with a lighter approach, just with nudes from my daily life.

"But I freed myself from other people's opinions and labels and decided to jump into explicit content once and for all, especially because sex has never been a taboo for me.

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"The uniform is a thing of the past, never again."

Despite her explicit content, Marcia does not consider herself a porn star.

She added: "I'm almost a porn actress, but I don't really consider myself one because there's no acting involved.

"I just record my intimacies and share them.

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"I don't get into character, that doesn't exist in my videos.

"It's all natural, spontaneous, without that forced thing from professional porn."

Marcia, who also boasts 14,500 followers on Instagram, said creating adult content has helped her discover herself as a woman.

She said of joining OnlyFans: "It was a process of self-discovery and liberation.

"I was stuck with traumas and as soon as I left the police force, I had to deal with heavy judgments.

"Today I live more complete, empowered, and with money in the account.

"So I do it with passion and show everything I want.

"I discovered myself as a real woman and have been taking opportunities without fear."

It comes after a mum shared how she went from selling pretzels to raking in £82,000 on OnlyFans a month after becoming burnt out.

Meagan Starke first became pregnant when she was 19 and didn’t even finish secondary school.

The mum was working for minimum wage at a pretzel store and as recent as two years ago, she could barely afford to put food on the table.

She was becoming burnt out amid 60-hour weeks as she struggled to provide for her son, 12 and daughter, 11.

Meagan then jumped at the opportunity to try OnlyFans after a suggestion from a TikTok follower.

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Meagan made $20,000 (£16,500) in her first month on the site and one month later quit her job at the pretzel shop to become a content creator full time.

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