I was so horrified by Kanye's Hitler rant I had my tattoo of his face removed – I went from loving him to hating him | The Sun

A WOMAN was so horrified by Kanye's Hitler rant she had a tattoo of his face removed.

Zee, from London, had the disgraced rapper's face etched on her bicep a few years ago.

The detailed tat included lyrics from one of Ye's 2013 songs I Am God which said "hurry up with my damn croissants".

Once a fan, Zee said she started feeling really "uncomfortable" having the hip hop star on her skin after his recent string of anti-Semitic comments.

She said: "I went from loving it to hating it pretty quickly.

“Put it this way, Kanye has come out with a lot of controversial stuff over the last five years. 


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"Those things he’s said go against my personal values.

"It’s gotten to the point where I really started to feel uncomfortable having it on my skin."

It comes after the star, who was recently dropped by Adidas and Balenciaga, admitted "I like Hitler".

In a recent interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Kanye glorified the dictator and the Nazis.

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He said: "I see good things about Hitler, also.

"I love everyone, this guy invented highways, the microphone, every human has something of value they brought to the table, especially Hitler.

"Also, Hitler was born Christian."

He also took credit for "popularising" anti-Semitism and said the Nazis "did good things".

To help people amid Kanye's downfall, London-based tattoo removal studio Naama are offering free sessions to anyone inked.

Classing it as "trigger tattoo", the small business added anything relating to the rapper to their second chances programme.

Manager of the studio Melina told The Sun Online the programme is for clients who might have tattoos that represent a bad time in their life.

Melina said: "[We help] clients who have prison tattoos, gang tattoos or [tattoos] life where they did something where they're actually like 'oh no what have I done'.


"We've had this programme from the very start.

"When we saw the whole Kanye West situation going viral we decided actually this is all about what second chances is about

"You used to think you idolised this person, believe in everything they say and agree with it and because they've made their own decisions, their own comments on social media, you now actually don't agree with them and this [tattoo] that you have doesn't represent you anymore.

"And this is an opportunity for those people to show that it's possible to change and remove [it]."

Attracting attention from all over the world, Melina said the studio didn't intend to blow-up in the way that it has.

"We did have a fantastic response from not just London, not just the UK but pretty much all over the world," she added.

"We absolutely empathise with people wanting to have them removed.

"One of the clients said she was happy she wouldn't have to explain to her friends anymore about the Kayne tattoo."

Two clients are currently attending sessions to have theirs removed.

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Kimberly is also having her arm tat of Kanye crying blood taken off.

You can find out more about Naama's services here.

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