'I will always hate them': ISIS execution victim's child speaks out

EXCLUSIVE ‘I will always hate them’: Daughter of ISIS execution victim David Haines says she will NEVER forgive her father’s killers as member of British ‘Beatles’ terror cell pleads guilty

  • Bethany Haines, daughter of a beheaded aid worker slammed her father’s killers 
  • David, 43, was executed in grim fashion while on an aid mission in Syria in 2013
  • It comes as one of the ISIS fanatics responsible, British-born Alexanda Kotey, pleaded guilty to eight terror charges during a hearing in the United States 
  • In an interview last year, Mr Haines’ brother, Mike, revealed ‘hate is a choice’ 

The daughter of an aid worker murdered by a British Islamic State cell in Syria has told how she will never forgive her father’s killers – after her uncle revealed he no longer ‘hated’ them.

Bethany Haines spoke as one of the fanatics – Alexanda Kotey – pleaded guilty to eight charges, including conspiring to murder four American hostages – journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and aid workers Peter Kassig and Kayla Mueller.

She said she welcomed the guilty plea but called on Kotey and another member of the cell, El Shafee Elsheikh, to provide information as to the whereabouts of her father’s body.

David Haines, 43, was captured in Syria during an aid mission in 2013 and beheaded the following year. His death was filmed in a grisly execution video.

In an interview last October, Mr Haines’ brother, Mike, said: ‘Hate is the choice. We all have the power not to hate.’

He told The Independent that he had started working in counter-extremism, adding: ‘I knew I had to do something – my brother’s murder was about hatred, it was about division.

Bethany Haines (pictured with father David) spoke as one of the fanatics – Alexanda Kotey – pleaded guilty to eight charges

British Islamic State (IS) group fighters Alexanda Kotey known as ‘Jihadi Ringo’ (left) and El Shafee Elsheikh known as ‘Jihadi George’ (right), posing for mugshots in an undisclosed location (2018)

‘They took my brother’s life but if I could take someone away from a path of hatred and help them choose a different path, we’ve won.’

However, Bethany told MailOnline today: ‘My uncle and I have very different views and opinions. 

‘These two men took my dad away from me and took my son’s grandad away from him. I will always hate them.’

Kotey, 37, who grew up in West London but left for Syria in 2012, appeared in a U.S court for a plea hearing and was watched by the families of some of his victims via video link.

He and Elsheikh were flown to the US to face a string of charges last year.

Kotey’s guilty plea may save him from serving a lifetime behind the bars of one of America’s highest level prisons.

He will get the chance to return to the UK in 15 years if he sticks to the deal.

British aid worker David Haines, 43, was captured in Syria during a humanitarian mission in 2013 and beheaded the following year in grisly execution footage

Bethany (pictured left) said she was ‘pleased with the plea hearing’s outcome’, but demanded answers as to where her father’s remains are for closure

Bethany said: ‘My family are really pleased with the outcome of the plea hearing. 

‘We are glad Alexanda Kotey has finally admitted his guilt and justice will be served.

‘It’s been a hard few years and there will be hard times to come but my family and I would like to bring my Dad home to rest.

‘We ask Kotey and Elsheikh to please give us the closure we desperately need and tell us what happened and where my Dad’s remains are.’

The IS gang was nicknamed ‘the Beatles’ by their captives and was made up of ringleader Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John, Aine Davis, Elsheikh and Kotey.

Emwazi was killed in a drone strike in Syria in 2015 while Davis was caught by Turkish authorities and later sentenced to more than seven years in prison.

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