Ice cream boss sued for sending ex-partner’s mum her naked pics in row over dog

The CEO of an American ice cream company is being sued by his ex-girlfriend who claims he shared naked photos of her and sent them to her mother during a custody argument for their dog.

In a lawsuit filed in Oklahoma County District Court, Amanda Brown clams that her relationship with Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer was turbulent due to his 'dangerous tendency to abuse alcohol'.

The couple were reportedly in a relationship from 2019 to 2020.

In court documents acquired by Mr Fischer is described to have allegedly 'drank frequently and excessively' and 'failed several attempts at sobriety'.

The documents say Mr Fischer would be abusive and 'endeavoured to make her financially dependent on him' to push her to do things she would not otherwise want to do and 'most importantly, dissuade her from leaving him.'

The lawsuit claims that the CEO would solicit racy photos of her by threatening to withhold his 'continued financial support.'

After the couple's separation in 2020, the couple got into a dispute on who would take ownership of a car they co-leased and a dog they both cared for – the lawsuit states that Fischer claimed he had spoken to the Dippin' Dots legal counsel, which would 'make vindication of Amanda's rights difficult or impossible'.

An alleged text message from Fischer to Brown on April 12, 2020, reads: "Leave me the [car]. I'll take [the dog]. Then I'm going to have someone hold onto the video of your [redacted] and if we ever get into a fight, then it will be released.

"If we don't, I'll just use it for fun."

Brown claims she learned that Fischer had previously solicited private sexual images of other women and them to his friends by January 2021.

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On January 14, she allegedly received another text message from Fischer: "I just sent your nudes out to everyone… watch what I do to you. I'm going to make sure any sex pics, bad pics are sent to your employer, they will soon be sent to our friends, then I'll sue you for [the dog]."

Fischer allegedly asked her: "Do you want to see what war is like?

"I'm about to show you."

Brown also claims that Fischer threatened to send the nude photos to her father and put them on a pornographic website.

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The court documents also say that Fischer sent some of the images to her mother, saying: "I'm sending this out tomorrow.

"Then I'm going to file a petition for [the dog]."

Fischer allegedly sent more photos of Brown to her on February 20 threatening: "I promise to not send out the above pics to my contact list if you stay out of my life."

Brown is now seeking over $10,000 in damages.

Speaking to TMZ, attorneys representing Fischer said: "The inflammatory lawsuit brought forth by Ms. Brown is nothing more than an attempt to extort Mr. Fischer after he ended their relationship.

"It is unfortunate that she has stooped to the level of attacking my client through an outlandish lawsuit, covering up her illegal actions.

"Mr. Fischer is disappointed this has become a legal matter despite his efforts to ring about a respectful resolution,' the attorneys added.

Dippin' Dots was acquired from bankruptcy by Mr Fischer in 2012, the company is now reaching $300 million in retail sales.

The ice cream company has now expanded into 12 countries outside of the United States.

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