Idiot filmed clinging onto the back of a bus hurtling 70mph down motorway

A reckless bus surfer has been filmed dangerously clinging onto the back of a bus hurtling down a busy motorway.

Video shared on Instagram on Tuesday shows the joyrider, wearing a black T-shirt and baggy jeans, standing on the bus' rear bumper and holding onto the vent grid.

The man's stupid attempts to dodge the fare see him clinging on as the vehicle drives down the Harlem River Drive in New York City, US.

The bus route number BxM1 reportedly operates from Riverdale in the Bronx to east midtown in Manhattan.

A passenger who filmed the moment from the car behind is heard yelling: "Bruh, yo, is this guy kidding me? Bro, we’re on the highway!"

He also captioned the clip: "UNREAL! We're going 70mph!!"

The footage was shared onto community account What Is New York, on Instagram, where it has amassed more than 25,000 likes.

People who watched the footage were unimpressed by his antics, and blasted the video as foolish, calling him “crazy”.

One viewer said: "Son thinks he’s in a James Bond movie being the stunt double."

Another wrote: "Damn he really is trying to save that money.Those express fares ain't cheap."

A third pointed out: "That is one crazy act that you will only get to see in New York."

"When you forget your face mask but still need to catch the bus," a fourth joked.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority representative Andrei Berman told the New York Post: "This is incredibly dumb and dangerous. Never do it."

It is unclear if the man sustained any injuries and where he got off.

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