I'm British and I've gone to Ukraine as a tourist against advice – if I lose a limb I'll come back and claim benefits

A BRITISH man has arrived in Ukraine as a tourist against the Government's advice – and said he'll claim benefits if he loses a limb in the conflict.

Miles Routledge, 22, made his way to war-torn Ukraine just months after he also got himself stranded in Kabul, Afghanistan, during the Taliban takeover.

Miles from Birmingham, West Mids, entered Ukraine on the last train from Poland – and claims his documents were not checked.

And before he left to enter the warzone last week, he said that Ukraine was "safer" than his hometown in the UK.

The dark tourist has also faced the reality that he may lose a limb as while he's caught up in the Russian invasion – but he said he'll "claim benefits" if that's the case.

Speaking about his trip to Ukraine, he told The Sun Online: "It's dangerous.

"I could be turned into red mist at any point but I'd say it's safer than Birmingham."

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"I’d rather help the people I’m able to with the network and plans I’ve got. It’s worth the risk to me. I feel obligated."

Speaking in a bomb shelter underneath a hotel in Ukraine, he also told the Daily Star: "If I die, hopefully, I'll go to heaven and if I'm wrong and it's blackness, that's not my issue anymore.

"If that doesn't happen and I'm alive, that's good stuff, if I lose a limb or two I can claim benefits, I guess."

Witnessing the devastating scenes, Miles added: "The streets are completely empty, you only get the occasional person, there's a curfew of 5pm, so it's very difficult."

Miles has said that he'll evacuate Ukraine if he needs to as the war escalates – and vows he won't "drain resources" while doing so.

He said: "If I need to get out, I'll do it on my own terms and I'll do it without any help, I don't want to be that guy that puts a drain on resources."


Miles, who was also caught up in Afghanistan last year when the Taliban took over, told The Sun Online: "There’s a satisfaction to these trips, I can see why people join the army.

"Last time in Afghanistan, I simply walked into a safe house and chilled with SAS guys, walked to the airport with 400 others and flew out on an aircraft with no Afghanistan civilians, not taking up a seat on a plane or any resources.

"This time, I’m fully handling myself.

"Some of the general public will always have doubts, after all I have a baby face and no official military experience.

"But if I pull off my big trip, I strongly believe people will change their minds."

When asked what he thinks about the public believing he's crazy, Miles said: "I'd agree with them." 

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