'I’m from Mars but was reborn on Earth – and these are my FOUR predictions for the future of humanity'

A CHILD genius who bizarrely claimed he was from Mars and baffled professors with his high intelligence made four chilling predictions for the future of humankind. 

In a viral video, Boriska Kipriyanovich, from Volgograd, Russia, claimed he was previously a Martian who lived on the Red Planet with "his people" before he was "reborn" on Earth to help save the human race.

Boriska was reported to be 11 when he issued his far-fetched warnings to Earth in the video which dates back in 2007.

He claimed his alien species were wiped out by a nuclear conflict thousands of years ago and fears our planet is heading for oblivion as well. 

When his mother was asked about his mission on Earth, she replied: “He knows something about Earth’s future.”

His farfetched claims have resurfaced as people remain fascinated with "The Boy from Mars".

No one knows his current whereabouts – but unsubstantiated rumours online suggest he was taken into the custody of Vladimir Putin's government or is living with his mum in a remote village.

But in a wide-ranging, hour long interview – the young boy made four predictions for the future.


In one bizarre, if not alarming, doomsday forecast he said the Earth's magnetic fields will reverse.

In a clip, he claimed “the poles will switch” which if true would have an immediate effect on the environment. 

Our planet's magnetic field is mostly concentrated at the north and south pole and any movement can cause drastic changes to the weather patterns. 

Scientists believe this last happened 42,000 years ago – in a catastrophe known as the "Laschamp" event.

It is thought this resulted in extreme weather that led to mass extinction of mammal life and some of humanity's nearest relatives.

As the magnetic field weakens more cosmic rays enter the atmosphere and allows more radiation from solar flares to bathe Earth.

Extreme weather conditions caused by the flipping of the poles could cause high temperatures and more storms.


Boriska also said the Great Sphinx of Egypt holds a secret that when uncovered will change life on Earth forever.

He claimed his species has a strong connection to the ancient Egyptians and that he flew there in his previous life as a spaceship pilot on Mars.

Boriska — who calls himself an "Indigo Child" — says life on Earth will never be the same again when the secrets of the mysterious monument in Giza are finally "unlocked".

He said: "Life will change when they open the Sphinx.

"The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly."

The key, he said, is hidden somewhere behind an ear of the Sphinx.


The secrets of the Sphinx have long been the topic of conversation of conspiracy theorists, as its miraculous construction baffled the world.

But even more strange, is his prediction of the coming of more so-called Indigo Children – kids like him.

In the video he said special children were being born now to help humanity out of its impending catastrophe.

He said: "I know that they are being born, but haven't met any in our city.”

The term "Indigo Children" is often used is pseudoscience, paranormal musings and conspiracy theories.

It is often used to refer to youngsters with special powers and some speculate the imagined kids would be the next step of human evolution.


But he then talks about two major catastrophes that never materialised on the dates he said they would.

In 2009, two years after he made the video, he said there would be the first great catastrophe on one large continent followed by another in 2013.

Those events were supposed to have been flooding which he said would affect the whole world, leaving relatively few humans alive. 

However given these prophesised disasters never occured – it throws doubts on all the Martian boy's outrageous claims.

The youngster "remembers" how he was a Martian pilot who travelled to Earth after his planet was devastated by a war that broke out between two sets of beings.

He claimed despite there being few survivors, some still exist after grasping how to construct protection lodges and build new weapons.

According to Boriska he was reborn on Earth along with "others" who miraculously survived the conflict in order to save the human race from the same fate.

He claimed Martians are immortal and stop ageing at 35.

They are very tall, technologically advanced and capable of interstellar travel.

He said: "I remember that time when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.

"We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft. Martian spaceships are very complicated."

Boriska says his fellow otherworldly beings breathe carbon dioxide so if they come to Earth they would have to bring some along for the ride to survive.

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