‘I’m not a scammer,’ says Toronto man behind controversial scheme to repay clients for losing weight

The Toronto man behind a controversial business scheme to repay people for losing weight says his company did not improperly deny thousands of dollars in valid claims as alleged by a slew of dissatisfied clients across Canada.

“It was a public relations nightmare, we mishandled the process and we did not do a good job,” said Darren Morgenstern, the public face of Weight Loss Grants.

However, Morgenstern, who agreed to a lengthy sit-down television interview exclusively with Global News following several unflattering news reports about the company, denies he did anything illegal.

“Of course not. I’m not a scammer,” Morgenstern said in response to questions about why his company denied claims from customers who say they lost the required amount of weight to qualify for a rebate but were not paid.

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