‘I’m not going to buy into the fear’: Kingston residents react after RCMP raids

The RCMP raid which took place in Kingston Thursday night has made national headlines.  Global News asked some Kingston residents how they’re feeling about individuals being arrested for alleged terrorist plots in their own backyard.

“It honestly it scared me. My parents are worried about my safety and everybody around. It has just been really nerve-racking,” says Kingston student Randalyn Cleveland.

“You wouldn’t think this would happen in this community,” added Angelica Hrtubise.

While some are fearful about the recent RCMP arrests, others like Mackenzie Rideout are feeling secure.

“Personally, I feel okay. I’m glad the RCMP and the police have these specific task forces that are able to handle these,” says Rideout.

“I’m not going to buy into the fear,” says Ned Dickens.

The two individuals arrested included a youth, who is still being investigated, and 20-year-old Syrian refugee Hussam Eddin Alzahabi, who was released Friday evening without any charges.

The outreach co-ordinator for the Islamic Society of Kingston, Dr. Mohammed Bayoumi, tells Global News that Alzahabhi attends Kingston’s mosque on Sydenham Road every Friday.

“I was surprised. I didn’t think he had anything to do with something like that but I was relieved he was released.  He seems to me like any common person, any Muslim coming to pray like anybody else,” says Bayoumi.

The Muslim community in Kingston is receiving a lot of support from the rest of the community.

“It is not going to tarnish us,” says Bayoumi. “We feel that indeed we are well received within the Muslim community at large and indeed from the emails that I’ve been receiving over the last 24 hours. They were all messages of support.”

Global News asked Bayoumi if he knows the youth who is under investigation and Bayoumi says he doesn’t have any information about this person.


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