Incredibly awkward moment Theresa May gets locked in her car while Angela Merkel waits

The PM got stuck inside her car while the German Chancellor anxiously looked on.

The car door was stuck for around 12 seconds before staff could finally get it open.

Mrs May is on a whistle-stop tour around Europe today, having crunch talks with leaders over how to break the Brexit impasse.

She's meeting Mrs Merkel in Berlin today before dashing to Brussels to meet with Donald Tusk around 4pm and Jean Claude Juncker at around 6.15pm.

But they have refused to agree to re-open talks on the Brexit deal, saying they will only help her to try and get the deal through Parliment in other ways.

She will ask for a way to end the hated "Irish backstop" which Brexiteers fear will trap Britain in the European customs union.

But in an early blow for the PM's chances of success, Mr Juncker has already said there is "no room whatsoever" to make any major changes to the Brexit deal.

On another day of Brexit high drama:

  • Mrs May's job hung by a thread with Tory plotters aiming to push her out by the New Year
  • Remainers launched a new push to get a second referendum by ramping up pressure on Jeremy Corbyn
  • The PM was accused of being in contempt of Parliament by banning MPs from voting on Brexit
  • A Commons committee warned Britain could slip in to the backstop by mistake
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Campaigners want another referendum on Brexit to try and stay in the EU
Campaigners yesterday giving out Theresa Mays Brexit fudge

The chaos comes after the PM was forced to scrap the planned Commons vote on her deal, due to take place today.

She wants European leaders to agree tweak to the deal in time for a Brussels summit starting on Thursday.

That would allow Mrs May to put her deal to MPs as early as next week – but if she fails it could be delayed to the New Year.

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