India’s Covid crisis sees people left dying in street amid chronic oxygen shortages

India: Patients waiting ‘hours’ to receive oxygen says expert

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Health authorities across India are struggling to cope as the country’s healthcare system nears collapse in the face of rising coronavirus cases. The nation of 1.3 billion people has seen record peaks in infections in recent days leading to a shortage of beds. Meanwhile, as patients are turned away from crowded hospitals, doctors in India have had to confront a shortage in life-saving oxygen with which to treat those suffering the worst effects of the disease.

A Sky News crew captured horrific scenes of patients dying in the street as they and their families await medical treatment.

Reporting from Delhi, correspondent Alex Crawford said: “Three dead bodies being taken away in the last few minutes.

“We have only been here a few hours and we have seen half a dozen people dying in front of us outside here.

“Whilst they have been waiting to get treatment.”

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She added: “We have spoken to people who are absolutely distraught who are begging for oxygen.

“Who are calling on the government to help or are calling on anyone to help.

“There are people lying out here in the open.

“Who are attached to oxygen tanks and they are the lucky ones to be honest.

India: Expert says country is sending out 'desperate pleas'

“One man told me that his brother waited for six hours to get oxygen just on one of these gurneys out here.

“He got oxygen and died within minutes of receiving it, it was just too late.

“It is an absolutely desperate situation here.”

It comes as Indian journalist Nilanjana Bhowmick was invited on Good Morning Britain to discuss the country’s dire health situation. 

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Ms Bhowmick told host Susana Reid there is “a lot of panic” in the country at the moment.

She said: “Can you really blame the people when they know they have no access to anything.

“They are left on their own. They are going on social media. They are asking for help they are not even pulling strings, they are mearly asking for help.”

She added: “We are sending out desperate pleas to the universe.”

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