Inside eerie abandoned Mr Blobby theme park left to rot after 90s ‘Blobbymania’

Mr Blobby is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance this week.

His pal Noel Edmonds is rumoured to be heading into the jungle to star in this year’s series of I’m a Celebrity, causing a wave of 90’s nostalgia to sweep across the UK.

And BBC political correspondent Chris Mason suggested Mr Blobby might have better luck in his job after admitting he "hasn’t got the foggiest clue" what will happen with Brexit.

He might not be very popular anymore, but big Mr Blobby fans might remember that he once had his own theme park.

Crinkley Bottom, or ‘Blobbyland’ opened in Cricket St Thomas, Somerset in 1994 in the height of Blobbymania, when the pink spotty sidekick starred in Noel Edmonds’ House Party.

It closed down five years later, but its buildings remained on the site, abandoned and standing eerily empty until explorers discovered Mr Blobby’s derelict house in 2009.

Their pictures and videos went viral as people reminisced about their family holidays in the 90s – and so many people broke in to explore the house that it was eventually demolished in 2014.

A map of the Crinkley Bottom theme park shows a railway, an ‘Animals of Farthing Wood’ attraction alongside sea lion shows, a safari ride, ‘fun village’, a deer park and leopards.

There was also a ‘TV’s family favourites’ attraction and a high street featuring the Blobby Shop.

But the main pull of the park for 90s kids was, of course, Mr Blobby’s house.

Dunblobbin, painted bright pink with yellow spots and a blue roof, was surrounded by a white picket fence and had windowsills adorned with blooming plastic flowers.

Next to its iconic front door, where everyone wanted their photo taken, was a doorbell which could be pressed to hear the familiar shrill cry of ‘Blobby blobby blobby!’

According to the ‘unofficial’ Dunblobbin website, this jaunty doorbell could be heard outside the park by locals who ‘cursed’ the house.

The lounge had sofas covered in floral patterned fabric and a TV set which looked like something straight out of the Flintstones.

A large stuffed blobby dog slept on the floor – again, pink with yellow spots – and a blobby fish floated in a bowl.

The walls bore portraits of Mr Blobby, his wife and baby.

In the kitchen, visitors could see the Blobby family lived on a diet of predominantly cake.

And when they got to the bathroom they were in for a surprise – Mr Blobby’s giant head poking out from behind a shower screen. Even the toilet was pink and spotty.

The bedroom was filled with the sound of snoring, with Mrs Blobby snoring in bed and baby Blobby in his little pink cot.

When the theme park closed in the late 1990s, the buildings were left standing until they were discovered by urban explorers in 2009.

The explorers filmed their gem of a find and the resulting pictures and videos went viral among nostalgic 90s kids.

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Interest generated by these images was so great, people started flocking to Cricket St Thomas in Somerset to break into the now-empty Blobbyland.

Efforts were made by the site owners to stop people breaking in – including blocking up an access tunnel – but eventually the site was demolished in 2014.

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