Inside eerie abandoned train station empty for decades after fire destroyed it

Creepy photographs have surfaced of an abandoned Glasgow train station which takes a ghostly look into the city's past.

The old Botanic Garden's railway station has been left overgrown and empty for decades after it was closed to the public.

The station was first opened in 1984 by the Caledonian Railway Company as part of Glasgow Central Railway.

The station building, known in the city for its strange onion-shaped chimney domes were once dubbed "The Kremlin" by locals.

It was closed down for good in 1934, as the smoke-filled and mucky conditions made it unpopular with passengers.

The station building went on to be a plumber's shop and housed some of Glasgow's most notorious haunts – including The Silver Slipper cafe and Sgt Pepper's nightclub.

It met a tragic end when it was destroyed in a 1970 fire.

Despite the outer walls of the building remaining upright, the decision was ultimately made to demolish the structure and not redevelop it.

After the building was lost, the underground platforms were left derelict and rotting for years.

The platforms are now completely overgrown and rogue graffiti can be found sprawled along the old brick walls in a ghostly scene.

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Steel stairs that were once filled with bustling passengers remain but have rusted and decayed away.

Creepy long tunnels at either side of the station sit in complete darkness and serve as a relic to the city's vibrant past, and to the Glasgow Central Railway which closed in 1964.

The vents which once carried steam to the streets can still be found near the Botanic Gardens and are one of the last reminders that the station used to be there.

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The scary historical site has now a popular spot for Scotland's urban explorers, who regularly brave the country's spookiest derelict haunts.

In 2007 there were reports that plans were being considered to redevelop the site as a new late-night hospitality venture, as well as an exhibition space and miniature railway which would involve rebuilding the whole station.

The plans were met with strong opposition from local people who didn't want a nightclub placed in the historic gardens.

There are currently no plans to redevelop the site.

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