Inside homes rapper DMX lost as he spiraled into debt and declared bankruptcy despite earning millions in career

LAST week rapper DMX suffered a heart attack from a suspected drug overdose following years of spiraling into debt and declaring bankruptcy.

Below are the six homes the Harlem native gained and lost throughout his successful career as a rap star.

Tashera Simmons' home, Mount Kisco, NY

DMX and Tashera's family home was purchased in 2000 for $649,000.

However, due to personal and legal struggles DMX and his ex-wife struggled to keep the home they previously shared together.

The musician shares four children with Tashera Simmons but has 11 children with other women.

DMX became a father for the 15th time when girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom had his baby in 2016, according to Us Weekly.

In 2014 DMX said that the non-payment for the four-bedroom, four-bathroom blue-paneled home was due to a disagreement over who would pay the mortgage.

Following the lawsuit, he paid back a $250,000 loan but later filed bankruptcy in 2016 claiming that he owed $2million.

The home was transferred to an LLC called Tasher Way in 2019, records show.

Temporary rental, Lyman, SC

Before DMX was arrested and served time for tax fraud in 2018 he lived for several years in a South Carolina suburb named Lyman, one outlet reported.

Simmons had been arrested four times in South Carolina since 2013.

Family home, Cave Creek, AZ

In 2003, DMX bought a home in Arizona with his then wife Tashera for $575,000.

However, Simmons defaulted on payments in 2006, according to reports.

In 2008, he sold the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home at a loss for $447,056.

The 3,700 square foot home came with 2.2 acres of desert along with a guest house and horse stables.

Failed investment, Harlem, NY

In 2001, Simmons invested in a three-story home in Harlem for $725,000 with plans to renovate the building, the New York Post reported.

But plans went unfinished after Simmons discovered in 2008 he was not able to rent out the property as separate apartments.

The vacant property went up for auction in August 2008.

Rental, Teaneck, NJ

The Ruff Ryder rapper is reported to have rented this property in the small town of Teaneck in the late 1990s with his ex-wife.

At this home, DMX faced animal cruelty charges for the mistreatment of more than 13 pit bulls in 1999.

In a plea agreement, he agreed to speak out against animal abuse.

The three-bedroom home sold in 2005 for $380,000.

Childhood home in Yonkers, NY

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, spent his early years at the Mulford Garden's public housing development, The Journal News reports.

According to the New York Post, the development no longer exists after it was knocked down in 2009.

It was in Yonkers where DMX and his ex-wife Tashera met when she was just 11-years-old.

They began dating when she turned 18, with the rapper also living in Yonkers at the time.

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