Insta star who ripped out her mum’s beating heart now in psychiatric hospital

A depraved Instagram star who allegedly ripped out her own mum's beating heart during a crazed knife attack has been placed in a psychiatric hospital.

Vile Anna Leikovic, a 21-year-old medical student from Comrat, Moldova, reportedly proceeded to wash the blood off in the shower and go to meet her boyfriend for a date,.

The killer has now been ruled not responsible for her actions.

Romanian news outlet Ziarul National said that the incident occurred after the victim returned from a long-term work trip to Germany only to find that her daughter had become addicted to drugs.

She reportedly confronted her daughter and said that she would have to go to rehab and clean up her act.

Leikovic is then said to have began to stab her mother Praskoyva Leikovic.

As the 40-year-old woman was dying, she became the victim of a gory and frenzied death, The Sun reported.

Praskovya was still alive when her enraged daughter "cut out her heart", it is alleged.

Is is reported that the daughter then proceeded to cut out her mum's internal organs including her lungs and intestines with a kitchen knife.

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Leikovic then alleged went to her boyfriend's house and asked him to "drink champagne" before telling him "very calmly" that she had murdered her mother.

It is reported that she refused to answer any further questions when he asked whether it was true.

The boyfriend then waited for her to fall asleep and ventured to her house to see if the disturbing allegations were true.

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Local media have quoted the young woman's grandmother as saying that she "did not obey" and that she led an "immoral lifestyle" and was an abuser of alcohol and drugs.

The killer laughed in court when asked if she was sorry about what she was being accused of at an earlier appearance.

But the law in the former Soviet state of Moldova prevents a woman from receiving a life sentence, according to the news site Stiri.

A forensic psychiatric examination of the young woman showed that due to her mental state she was "not able to correctly perceive the circumstances that are important for the criminal case" and was "unable to testify in the case".

As a result of this, Anna Leikovic was put into a mental institution after the court accepted that while she did carry out the crime she was not criminally responsible for her actions.

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