'Is Carrie cutting Boris' hair with a bowl?' Concern over PM's locks

‘Is Carrie cutting Boris’ hair with a pudding bowl?’ Concern grows over PM’s unruly locks as stylists claim it looks as if he tried to cut his hair himself and his aides admit he’s neglecting it to focus on Covid crisis

  • The PM’s aides have admitted Mr Johnson’s locks have got ‘out of control’ 
  • No 10 source blamed his focus on Covid and Brexit for his scruffy hairstyle
  • But stylists say it looks like a DIY trim and pondered if Carrie Symonds did it 
  • Ricky Walters, founder of London’s Salon64, said: ‘2020 has been a tough year for us all and Boris Johnson’s haircut truly sums it all up’
  • Insider said any claims that Carrie has cut her fiance’s hair are ‘untrue b***ocks’ 

Boris Johnson’s ‘pudding bowl’ haircut is the fashion ‘crime’ of 2020 and looks like his fiancee Carrie might have had a go herself with some kitchen scissors or modelled it on their rescue dog Dilyn, cutting British stylists said today.  

The PM’s aides have admitted to MailOnline that Mr Johnson’s locks have got out of control as he focuses on the surge in coronavirus cases and difficult Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Mr Johnson’s last short haircut was on November 2 – but a week ago he modelled a half-way house trim branded ‘mind-boggling bad’.

His fringe was so straight when he visited Brussels for crunch Brexit talks with Ursula von der Leyen last week some pondered whether he had become so desperate for a trim that Carrie Symonds may have done it herself in their Downing Street flat. 

And yesterday it looked so scruffy unkind watchers of PMQs suggested he resembled his Jack Russell-cross Dilyn, who features on the front of his official Christmas card this year, with one wag saying: ‘Even the dog has a Boris haircut’.

Ricky Walters, founder of London’s Salon64, said his parlous hairstyle sums up the terrible year 12 months the UK has had as it battled the coronavirus pandemic. He said: ‘2020 has been a tough year for us all and Boris Johnson’s haircut truly sums it all up. Whether cut using a pudding bowl, blunt kitchen scissors or a knife and fork, is certainly a cause for concern’.

He added: ‘My guess work is no hairdresser would truly commit such a crime and Boris has had a little go himself in between Brexit meetings and combating COVID’.

Sources close to Mr Johnson dismissed the DIY haircut claims as ‘untrue’ and ‘b***ocks’.

Today: Boris Johnson appeared on a Loneliness Zoom call on Tuesday as some wags pondered if Tier 3 rules meant that Carrie had cut his hair. Experts say he has ruffled his hair to hide the straight lines left by the last ‘bowl cut’ trim

Yesterday: Mr Johnson’s wild hair has been explained by aides as a sign he is focusing on other things like Brexit and Covid-19

December 9: Stylists have come out against Boris latest’s pudding bowl cut saying it is a fashion crime that cannot have been committed by a professional hairdresser

Some less kind commentators suggested that Boris’ hair is increasingly looking like rescue dog Dilyn’s style

Some have appealed directly to Carrie to ‘comb his frickin hair’ before PMQs next time

Celebrity hairstylist James Johnson said: ‘The straight and blunt edges that are disconnected make the cut look an at home job, rather than a salon cut. Whilst I empathise with having a vaccine distribute, it would be great to see Boris take the time in the morning to style his hair’. 

Critics have suggested that if Boris’ ‘crazy hair’ reflects his state of mind he might have a better chance of solving both if he went to the barbers for the first time since early November.  

Today Mr Johnson tweeted a video of himself and Carrie together on a Zoom call as they backed a campaign to lift the spirits of people feeling lonely this Christmas. 

Rather than focussing on the charity work one Twitter user said: ‘WTF is going off with your hair? Boris yours is ridiculous’. One viewer of PMQs yesterday said: ‘This is an apocalyptic bad hair day from Boris tbf’ because his hair was ‘all over the place’. Another directed a message to Carrie directly, begging her to buy him a comb for Christmas.

Boris Johnson’s hair yesterday (left) was already far longer than on November 2, when Boris had his last short haircut just before the second national lockdown

Social media is awash with commentary, professional or otherwise, about the poor state of Boris’ barnet

Others have joked that it has been sticking up so much recently it looks like Mr Johnson had ‘brushed his hair with a balloon’. 

Experts appear sure the PM’s haircuts have been done at home.

Pall Mall Barbers in London cut Mr Johnson’s hair when he was the Mayor of London.

The company’s founder and CEO Mr Marshall said last month that the PM’s ‘haircut is a cross between miss cut 1920 short back and sides with kitchen scissors and 1980’s punkster.’

He added: ‘Boris must have done it himself or perhaps had some help from Carrie or even the dog. For all his cuts over the years this one looks the most like a home-done hatchet job to me.’ 

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