Is Michelle Obama the only person who could beat Trump? Veteran columnist has his say

Writing in his Los Angeles Times column, Steve Lopez said Democratic nomination candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren ran the risk of alienating moderates due to their left leaning stances. Moderate candidates such as Joe Biden may alienate minorities and young people, Mr Lopez warned. He said he thought Trump would win re-election: “His supporters are rabid, no matter what he says or does. We’re looking at a trillion-dollar deficit, and the GOP — the party of fiscal conservatism — just shrugs. Consumer prices are rising because of tariffs and a recession is feared, but Trump’s populist supporters don’t mind.

“We didn’t get the promised cheaper and better healthcare. The national infrastructure program never happened. The party of family values adores a man who mocked women’s looks and lied about secret payments to a Playboy bunny, and the days of GOP hatred of commies is officially over, because Russia helped elect Trump.

“Yet for all that, the GOP — or roughly 90% of it, according to polls — is standing by its man.”

Mr Lopez attributed this to the fact Trump was not a Democrat but explained: “I can think of only one person who would beat Trump, hands-down, no problem.”

This being Mrs Obama.

The former American Fist Lady had said in interviews she was not interested in running for office but Mr Lopez explained: “I understand and respect that. But we can hold out hope, can’t we? No offence to Amtrak and Conan O’Brien, but unless and until Michele Obama tells it to a higher authority — like Ellen DeGeneres — the dream is alive.”

He recalled the day he voted for her husband Barack in 2008: “Fast forward — or backward, depending on how you look at it — and we’ve got a president who for no good reason has insulted the intelligence of African Americans LeBron James, Don Lemon and Maxine Waters. He’s belittled football players for taking a social stand and he tweeted a mocking “too bad” when the Baltimore home of U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings was burglarised.”

According to Mr Lopez, Michael Williams, a retired medical technician told him: “I think she appeals to most of the country and I think it would energise the Democratic Party and our younger folks.”

Mr Lopez concluded: “It’s a long shot, sure, but the very idea of Michelle as a candidate would give Trump fits.”

US political families are not uncommon with Hilary Clinton twice seeking to become President after her husband Bill Clinton, she lost out to Mr Obama for the 2008 party nomination and lost the election to Trump in 2016.

The 43rd President George W. Bush is the son of 41st President George H.W. Bush and his brother Jeb Bush contested the Republican nomination with Trump.

The sixth president, John Quincy Adams was the son of second President John Adams whilst 23rd president Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of ninth President William Henry Harrison.

Fourth president James Madison was the second cousin of 12th president Zachary Taylor.

Whilst 12th President Franklin Roosevelt was the firth cousin of 26th president Theodore Roosevelt.

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