Italian cable car accident 2021: How many people died?

NEW footage of the Italian cable car tragedy emerged showing the moment before the vehicle plunged down the mountain.

The clip shows the harrowing moment when the car nearly made it to the station prior to the brakes failing.

How many people died in the Italian cable car accident?

The Italian cable car accident claimed the lives of 14 people.

The car was thrown 1,640 feet down a mountain by Lake Maggiore after a cable snapped.

The accident took place around 12pm on May 23, lasting around 30 seconds before the car flew into the air and smashed into the ground.  

The only survivor was an Israeli five-year-old boy named Eitan Biran, who was in a coma and woke up asking for his perished family. 

Biran’s younger brother, parents and great-grandparents were all killed in the accident.

Roberta Pistolato, who had been working on the frontline of Italy's battle against Covid, died in the tragedy as she celebrated her 40th birthday with her boyfriend Angelo Gasparro, 45.

Before the accident,  Pistolato texted her sister: "We're getting on the cable car."

Vittorio Zorloni, 55, and his 37-year-old partner Elisabetta Personini were killed along with their five-year-old son Mattia.

The accident also claimed the lives of Serena Cosetino, 27, a scientific researcher, and her 30-year-old boyfriend Mohammed Reza Shahisavandi, an Iranian student, who also worked in a bar in Rome.

Engaged couple Silvia Malnati 27, and Alessandro Merlo, 29, were also among those who died.

What happened to the Italian cable car boss?

Manager Luigi Nerini 56, allegedly admitted to deliberately deactivating the emergency braking system, alongside the two other managers Gabriele Tadini and Enrico Perocchio.

The three men were arrested on May 26 on suspicion of aggravated manslaughter and two other offences related to the incident.

Nerini is currently waiting for his indictment in a cell in Verbania prison and according to Bild, and could be facing up to 30 years behind bars.

Chief prosecutor Olimpia Bossi said the three managers are facing "very high" jail terms due to the "extraordinary gravity" of the situation.

Investigators said the emergency braking system had been "tampered with" instead of carrying out the costly "radical intervention" it required to fix the problem.

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