JD Sports staff armed with metal bars barricade themselves in amid gang raid

Violence erupted at JD Sports in Ilford, East London, with sales assistants forced to barricade themselves inside the store after they stopped 10 alleged shoplifters running off with stolen clothes.

During tense video footage a woman is knocked over by the angry gang and her male colleague kicked to the ground, while objects are hurled.

One member of the JD team runs back into the sports shop and grabs a long metal pole to ward off the thieves.

But the gang swarm around the store's entrance in an effort to get back in and attack those hiding inside.

Eventually the doors are jammed shut and terrified staff and customers wait until cops arrive on the scene.

The Met Police said no arrests had been made but an investigation was ongoing.

“Officers were called to a sportswear shop in Eastern Avenue, Ilford at 19:50hrs on Tuesday, 20 March following reports of a group of up to 10 males entering the store, grabbing items and then leaving”, a spokesman said.

“Officers attended spoke to staff and a full shoplifting report has been taken. Some staff suffered minor injuries as they attempted to prevent the group leaving.

“Local CCTV footage has also been recovered. No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue. Police in Redbridge continue to deal.”

JD Sports have been appraoched for a comment by The Sun Online.

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