Joe Biden furiously snaps at reporter in tense grilling: ‘Come on, give me a break, man!’

Joe Biden says ‘give me a break man’

US President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter following a press conference he held in the White House. In the footage, a woman can be heard ushering out reporters from the room while the President prepares his things to leave. A reporter shouts over her commands and questions President Biden about the vaccine. 

He was asked by the reporter if 100 million vaccines within 100 days is too low of a goal.

President Biden replied: “When I announced it, you all said it wasn’t possible.

“Gimme a break, come on, man.”

One of President Bidens promises of vaccinating 100 million American in his first 100 days was previously considered lofty by some commentators

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Joe Biden clears his throat during Covid briefing

Mr Biden’s coronavirus plan would throw money into speeding up the delivery of vaccines and reopening schools.

His $1.9 trillion (£1.38 trillion) coronavirus ‘Rescue Plan’ would give every American a stimulus cheque of $1,400 (£1,033).

The plan would also boost the vaccine rollout programme by $20 billion (£14.57 billion).

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