Joe Biden mocked for being the ‘not-Trump President’ without ‘much of an agenda’

Joe Biden ‘will make a little progress with America’ says expert

Political expert and former Tony Blair speechwriter Phillip Collins argued Joe Biden is unlikely to achieve much as US President. While speaking to LBC with Nick Ferrari, Mr Collins insisted President Biden will be remembered as the “not-Trump” President rather than for any future achievements. He noted President Biden may improve the US’ standing on the world stage and slight improvements to the economy but little else in his first term.

Mr Collins said: “Joe Biden has got the Houses with him, just about, so he has got a chance.

“But I am not certain he has got much of an agenda.

“Essentially, Joe Biden is the ‘not-Trump’ President.

“People who found Donald Trump an affront to the American Republic constitution, that is actually quite a lot.

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“Ultimately, I think Joe Biden will go down in history for being the ‘not-Trump’ President and that is quite a big thing.

“Whether he can do anything more than that, I am not sure.

“He will bring the US back into the fold of international relations a little, in a conventional way and he might make a little bit of progress on the economy.

“But I am not sure, like most Presidents, he will really have the power that he thinks he has because he is so hampered domestically.”

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Despite the scepticism of Mr Collins, some political experts have noted President Biden will be looking to strengthen his relationship with the UK in their post-Brexit period.

Former British Ambassador to the US, Sir Peter Westmacott said Joe Biden would not hold a grudge against the UK as President.

Sir Peter said: “There is a bit of work to be done in terms of fixing a relationship.

“Joe Biden does not think Brexit was very clever, he was deeply worried about talk breaking international law.

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“He was deeply worried about the threat to the Good Friday Agreement because he is very strongly an Irish Catholic.

“But Joe Biden is not a man that bears grudges.

“I think the scope for getting this relationship right early on is definitely there if we welcome it and we are serious.

“We will get it right if the United Kingdom is able to show to the incoming President what we have got to bring to the table that makes a difference to Joe Biden’s own agenda.”

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