Joe Biden under pressure to do ‘about-turn’ on US’ catastrophic climate disaster

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Mr Biden must perform an about-turn after the US followed a destructive path on the climate for four years, was told. It comes as the US President this week proposed sweeping global tax reforms that would seek to thwart tax-avoiding corporations. The proposals would be the first steps towards forging a landmark agreement on a worldwide minimum tax rate.

They would primarily target mega-corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple, and Amazon, as well as major brands like Nike and Starbucks.

These companies have become increasingly adept at using complicated loopholes to shift profits out of major markets like the UK – where the majority of their earnings are made – into low-tax jurisdictions like Ireland and the Caribbean.

It is just part of Mr Biden’s wider reversing of many of Donald Trump’s policies during his time in office.

Many argue that one of the most important challenges is the environment, especially true following Mr Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord, as well as his support of fossil fuels and so-called “clean coal” – the existence of which scientists have since refuted.

Bonnie Waring, a senior Lecturer at the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment told such was the scale of destruction on the climate by Mr Trump, that Mr Biden must now perform a complete “about-turn” on environmental policy.

She said: “Donald Trump has been a catastrophe for climate change and environmental policy in general.

“If there’s one thing I could communicate it’s how urgent it is for the global economy to make a transition away from fossil fuels very soon, in the next decade or so.

“Having a President in the White House who withdrew from the Paris Accord, who removed regulations that allowed oil and gas companies to spew methane – a greenhouse gas stronger than CO2 – into the atmosphere, who removed protections on all sorts of bio systems that store carbo like wetlands, all of these things together have sent the US on exactly the wrong pathway.

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“And so it is so urgent for the sake of the global climate that the US, which is the biggest emitter in the world, does an about-turn and recommits itself to climate policies that will transition that economy to a zero carbon future as quickly as possible.”

Mr Biden has moved to build on the climate promises he made in the run-up to last year’s US elections.

Just hours after becoming President in January, he returned the US to the Paris Climate Accord.

The White House confirmed last month that Mr Biden had invited 40 world leaders – including Russian and Chinese Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping – to an online summit on climate change in April.


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He has also appointed a “climate tsar”, John Kerry, the former US Secretary of State, who described Mr Trump’s actions as “reckless”.

While the President has promised to also clean up and protect the US’ land and oceans, the recent Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ exposed a giant pile of rubbish and debris gathering in a soup just off the country’s West Coast.

George Monbiot, the environmental activist, spoke during the documentary, and revealed the extent to which the Great Pacific Garbage Patch had grown as a result of a lack of government intervention, putting Mr Biden to shame.

He said: “Even the groups talking about marine plastic, are highly reluctant to talk about what a lot of that plastic is, which is fishing nets and fishing gear.

“We hear a lot about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and say, ‘Oh, isn’t it terrible?

“All our cotton buds and plastic bags are swirling around in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.’

“Forty-six percent of it is fishing nets, discarded fishing nets, which are far more dangerous for marine life than our plastic straws.

“Because, of course, they’re designed to kill.

“Now, this is so crashingly obvious, why aren’t we talking about it?

“Why aren’t even the plastic campaigns talking about fishing?”

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