John Legend Says ‘F*** You’ To Paul Ryan Over Insensitive Father’s Day Tweet

At the heart of John Legend lashing out at the Speaker’s clueless tweet, is the separation of children from their parents at the US/Mexican border.

After Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, shared a Father’s Day tweet saying that his children, “Liza, Charlie and Sam are his highest priority,” he earned a venomous response and a cuss word from John Legend in a post that has been liked over 200,000 times, reports Newsweek.

You can infer that the singer-songwriter lashed out at the 54th Speaker’s Father’s Day post with one of his own because he felt it was an insensitive thing to do in the aftermath of the fallout happening after the Trump administration’s new and controversial zero tolerance immigration policy went into effect.

The zero tolerance immigration policy is considered to be controversial and shameful to many because consequences of it often cause children to be separated from their undocumented migrant parents at the border. After the immigration policy was announced in May, there have been multiple cases of that happening.

To that point, there have been two cases of it happening that have been particularly sensationalized by the media. One case involves Border Patrol agents seizing a 4-month-old baby, immediately separating it away from its father. And in yet another case, federal authorities at a detention center took a child away from its mother while it breastfed, CNN reports

In the wake of such instances, it is understandable why John Legend felt he had to say F*** you to Paul Ryan after the Father’s Day tweet. Many in the United States share the same sentiment with Legend and feel the policy of separating children from their parents is a cold move.

According to the Washington Post, even the United Nations has called on the U.S. to stop the immigration policy immediately, insisting that nothing is “normal about detaining children.” One pediatrician spoke up for the migrant children after seeing their plight at a Texas detention center saying, “America is better than this.”

The Washington Post also reported that the migrant children couldn’t even be consoled after being separated from their parents because shelter workers were not allowed to “touch, hold or pick” them up.

Paul Ryan being proud to be a father and sending out a sweet Father’s Day tweet to his children can be viewed as understandable. However, in the context of the migrants’s recent woes and the United State’s immigration issues, it is clearly seen by many as a severe case of bad timing and an instance of him not thinking things through before acting.

Other followed suit on social media after John Legend’s reaction by posting that the Speaker is clueless, and the cringe-worthy Father’s Day tweet is in poor taste.

As of now, the Internet has given several instances of scolding as a Father’s Day gift to Paul Ryan. Raw Story’s tweet was especially scathing, calling him a “tone-deaf jackass.” Raw Story wrote this in the tweet about Paul Ryan’s love for his children, “Now imagine if they were taken away from you.”

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