Johnny Depp is in ‘good health’ despite shocking new look

Johnny Depp is in ‘good health’ and there is ‘no reason to be concerned’, say insiders, as more photos of pale and gaunt star during his band’s tour in Russia emerge

  • Depp, 54, was pictured in Russia looking ‘pale and gaunt’ over the weekend
  • Despite fans’ fears for the star, sources close to him say he is in good health
  • Last year, Depp shaved his head and bleached his eyebrows for his role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 
  • He has scarcely been seen in public since then until recently when he emerged again to start his band’s two-month international tour 
  • Depp still has another month and 21 shows to go with the Hollywood Vampires
  • It follows a tumultuous year of public allegations of bad behavior and drug use 

Johnny Depp is said to be in ‘good health’ and there is no reason for fans to be concerned about him, sources close to the star say after he was pictured in Russia looking worryingly thin and pale last week.

Despite an onslaught of concern over the actor’s appearance including fears that he  may be ‘ill’, a source tells that he has no health problems. 

Depp himself has not commented since photographs which were taken in St. Petersburg last week emerged. 

In them, he appeared smiling with two Russian fans in the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel.  

Johnny Depp is pictured in St. Petersburg over the weekend. It is the latest in a string of photographs of the star in which he appears pale and gaunt but despite his drastic new appearance, sources close to him say he is in good health 

They were posted innocently by the women who appear in them but quickly went viral as others picked up on his stark appearance. 

Depp, 54, is not believed to be filming for any forthcoming project. 

Speculation that his drastic weight loss may have been due to his participation in Fantastic Beasts 2. 

The production wrapped in December but Depp had to shave his head and bleach his eyebrows to play Gellert Grindelwald. 

Another suggestion was that he looked so different because he was not wearing his signature ‘guyliner’ but in the photographs it appears as though he is just not to the same heavy-handed standard fans may be used to. 

Depp is currently touring Europe with his band the Hollywood Vampires. 

On Monday night, he will play in Berlin at the Zitadelle museum. 

In a newly surfaced photograph with a fan, Depp appears in the same t-shirt but a different hat

This was the image which shocked fans when it emerged on Saturday. It was posted by Russian fan Ekaterina Kurta 

Afterwards, the tour will travel to Sweden, where the band will play two shows, before moving on to Denmark, Finland, Poland, Prague, and Germany before going to the UK at the end of the month. 

They will play three shows there then will go back to Germany before finishing in Rome in July. 

The tour began on May 17 in upstate New York.  

Not long before the St. Petersburg pictures were taken last week, Depp was seen in Moscow posing happily with staff at a state museum after a low-key visit between shows. 

They seemed unconcerned about his appearance and happily shared photographs of his visit online. 

Depp is pictured with another fan at the Four Seasons in St. Petersburg last week 

Possible explanation: Depp shaved his head and bleached his eyebrows to reprise his role as Grindewald in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. It wrapped filming in December and he has scarcely been seen since then . The film comes out in November 

In videos of him performing, he appears to be in fine form. 

Depp’s shocking appearance comes after a month of accusations of bad behavior including claims of sustained drug abuse and alcoholism. 

In a lawsuit against the star filed last month, two former bodyguards described having to act as babysitters for him. One claimed that he had to once wipe a ‘substance’ from the actor’s face in a nightclub. 

It was also claimed that he spent the day ‘smoking and drinking’ on the set of City of Lies, formerly known as LAbyrinth, in which Depp plays a LAPD detective investigating the deaths of rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. 

Depp looked every inch one of the undead as he posed for snaps with fans on the Russian leg of a world tour this week

During his visit in Moscow, Depp also visited the Mayakovsky museum where, in one image, he looked happy and healthy as he posed with staff

A third image, taken in Moscow earlier in the week during a visit to a state museum, provoked more concern. Depp is pictured with one of the museum’s staff 

The production wrapped filming last year and Depp was praised by some for his conduct on set including a handful of extras who said he ‘couldn’t have been nicer’. 

It was however alleged that he asked a production staffer to punch him during one incident. 

According to sources cited by Page Six, Depp allegedly asked the staffer to punch him and said he would give him $100,000 to do so. 

His representatives did not comment at the time.   

Depp is pictured in June, 2017, at Glastonbury festival in England when he had a full head of hair and fuller face 

Depp is pictured with ex-wife Amber Heard in September, 2015. The pair divorced acrimoniously in 2016 


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