Joseph McCann 'raped women he kidnapped off street at knifepoint and forced victims to have sex with each other'

AN alleged serial rapist kidnapped two women off the street and forced them to have sex with each other during a 14-hour ordeal, a court heard today.

Joseph McCann, 34, allegedly approached two sisters in the street and forced one of them to come to his silver Ford S Max as her 18-year-old sibling ran home.

Inside the car was a terrified 25-year-old who he had allegedly raped three times. She eventually escaped by smashing him over the head with a vodka bottle, the court heard.

McCann threatened to dump her in the canal to wash his DNA off her body and warned her “not to make any trouble or he would slit her throat”, it is claimed.

Jurors were told the sister wrestled him and begged for mercy when he grabbed her in Edgware, North London, and said she was a virgin due to her religious convictions.

He is accused of embarking on a series of "shocking and depraved" sex attacks on women and children in the London and Greater Manchester areas.


McCann is accused of 37 charges including multiple rapes, kidnap and false imprisonment involving 11 victims, aged between 11 and 71, over three days in April and May.

CCTV of the Edgware attack revealed the terrified screams of the pair as McCann tore her from her sister shortly after midday and sped off down a residential street.

The younger sister dashed home to her mother who told police in a frantic phone call: “A car stopped, and grabbed the 21-year-old in the car.

“Thirty seconds ago, she has just run down the road.

“A five or six-seater silver car, white man, between 20 and 30. He tried to grab both of them. In the end he only got one.”

In the background they can be heard sobbing and pleading with the police to help.

He made her call him ‘daddy’ and say that she was a child. He wanted to make her rape a child.

John Price QC, prosecuting, said: “There was already another young woman in the car and when the sister first saw her, she thought this other woman looked very scared.”

McCann is said to have carried out the attacks in Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, London and Hertfordshire between April 20 and May 5.

He was arrested following a nationwide manhunt on May 6 after a stand-off between police just outside the Cheshire town of Congleton where he was found up a tree.

The court heard the 25-year-old woman already in the silver Ford had been coming home from work on the underground shortly after midnight.

Mr Price added: “He put his hand over her mouth. He told her to stop screaming or he would stab her. He dragged her to the nearby car.

“He pushed her inside and drove off. These counts are but a specimen of a dreadful ordeal endured by her – one of shocking depravity and violence.


“He had threatened to smash a vodka bottle in her face. He made her remove her clothes and masturbate in front of him over many sexual assaults upon her, taking place in various locations, both in and out the car.

“He made her call him ‘daddy’ and say that she was a child. He wanted to make her rape a child. He said he would put her in the canal to wash his DNA off her.”

It was only when the 25-year-old women hit McCann on the back of the head with a bottle of vodka near Watford that she and the sister could escape, the court was told.

There, near a construction site, a group of builders challenged McCann and he was forced to run off.

McCann had already booked two nights in a nearby hotel to continue his attacks, it is claimed.

Another 21-year-old was grabbed from the street at knifepoint and raped by McCann, the court heard.

McCann denies 37 charges including the rape of a child under 13, kidnap, and sexual assault concerning 11 alleged victims.

The complainants are aged between 11 and 71, and the offences are said to have occurred across five police force areas over a two-week period between April 20 and May 5.

McCann, of Aylesbury, Bucks, denies seven counts of rape, one count of rape of a child under 13, seven counts of kidnap, one attempted kidnap, 10 counts of false imprisonment, three counts of assault by penetration.

He also denies three counts of causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, one count of sexual assault and two of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without their consent.

The trial continues.

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