Judge rips ‘privileged’ young adults for doing drugs at music festival

An Australian judge tore into a group of “privileged” young professionals for getting busted with drugs at a music festival given their well-off roots, according to a report Friday.

Sydney Magistrate Judge Robyn Denes said she was fed up with well-off pill poppers traipsing through her courtroom after more than 65 people were caught with ecstasy and other drugs at the outdoor rave “A State of Trance” last month, according to News.com.au.

“One thing that strikes me about this particular dance festival is there are lots of young people who have every advantage … education, solid family and jobs that others don’t have,” the Denes scolded.“You can’t hide behind your social fortune for too long.”

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Denes said the young people — nurses and bankers among them — should have known better.

“I think the drug dealers are all having a bit of a laugh at you with all their wallets full,” said the judge, who has dealt with dozens of the drug cases over the past week.

She also slammed festival-goers for “putting in your body” a substance they had no clue about.

In late April, cops swooped in on the 12,700-strong festival at Sydney Olympic Park and used drug-sniffing dogs to bust dozens of revelers. Many of those caught with large amounts of drugs were young, well-off women, according to the according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

This week, Denes scolded an unnamed 26-year-old woman from northern Sydney who caught with MDMA stashed in a condom in her privates, according to News.com.au.

The woman’s lawyer told the judge the arrest was a “huge wake-up call” — but the judge lectured her for hiding behind her “social fortune.”

The woman pleaded guilty to drug possession and was placed on probation for two years.

Denes also slammed a 26-year-old bank-loan officer for buying drugs at the festival.

“You are another [privileged] one,” the judge blasted. “You live at home in a safe environment.”

The judge added, “You come from a very strict family, and it has been a mortifying experience. Hopefully, this will scare you straight.”

She placed the bank-loan officer on an 18-month probation.

The festival headlined high-profile DJs such as Armin Van Buuren and Gaia.

South West Metropolitan Region Enforcement Squad commander, Detective Inspector Gus Viera, called the large-scale drug bust “alarming.”

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