Kids found sweating and crying locked in mum’s car as temperature hit 36 degrees

A concerned woman who spotted two young children sweating and crying in a car called police as temperatures soared to 36 degrees Celcius.

Andrea Nelson said something didn’t feel quite right when she was pulled into the car park at a shopping centre in Oklahoma, US.

She told ABC : "I just kind of glanced over and then I did a double take because I couldn’t believe that I saw a child in the car, in the driver’s seat just kind of playing."

She added: "I just feel like it’s common sense to get your child out of the car unless there’s something seriously wrong with you.

"I mean there’s really no excuse for it."

She called police and by the time they arrived, the young boy and girl were seen distressed and sweating.

The officer was recording on his bodycam as he forced open the door and rescued the children.

He moved them to his cool car with the air-conditioning on and the children were later checked out at hosptal.

Police arrested the mother of the two children, 26-year-old Samantha Pitts of Enid, on two counts of child abandonment.

Oklahoma City Police officer Megan Morgan said cars can become dangerous when it’s hot like this very fast.

"Make sure that if the children are in the vehicle, you’re in the vehicle with them but also that the air conditioner is on high.

"If you don’t have an air conditioner, maybe roll the windows down or maybe consider not putting them in the car if there’s not an air conditioner."

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