King Charles ‘won’t strip Harry’s title’ as it would take ‘Queen’s gift away’

King Charles will not strip royal titles away from Prince Harry as it would go against the gifts and wishes of the late Queen Elizabeth II, according to an ex-royal butler.

Offering the Duke of Sussex a "gift" when she bestowed the titles onto him, it would appear the King of England does not want to interfere with his mother's wishes.

Former butler to King Charles, Grant Harrold, has since explained why the titles will remain for the former working royal, but the new King is "damned" either way.

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It does not appear likely that Prince Harry will lose his titles, as some may see it as "taking a gift from his mother" away.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Mr Harrold said: "Kings and Queens would historically strip royal titles for treason to the crown. I think Charles is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t when it comes to Harry.

"I think it’s best to just let sleeping dogs lie. At the moment, I think there’s not a real justified reason for him to strip Harry’s Duke of Sussex title.

"Another reason he probably won’t is that the Queen gave it to Harry as a gift. For Charles to take the title off Harry, he’s taking a gift from his mother away from her grandchild. I really don’t think he will."

But that does not mean Harry's titles will remain unscathed, as the ex-butler brings the HRH title into question.

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He continued: "What he can strip quite easily is Harry’s HRH, which was originally given to the children and grandchildren of the monarch. It would be quite unusual because he’s still the son of the King, but it is possible."

Grant believes if the titles were taken away there would not be much of an issue from the public, but it would leave a sting to Harry and Meghan.

He added: "I think the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is something that will definitely remain with Harry and Meghan."

The Daily Star had previously reported the Duke could lose out on his titles after discussions "at the highest level" were taken on regarding his status.

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