Kingston’s Wellington Street extension may no longer cut through Doug Fluhrer Park

The City of Kingston is suggesting the planned Wellington Street extension no longer cut through Doug Fluhrer Park.

After analysis of the proposed street extension, the city found the southern portion of the project, from Rideau Street to Bay Street, is not needed.

The removal of this portion of the project will likely be a victory for groups like The Friends of the Inner Harbour and Wellington X, who were opposed to the plan for a number of reasons, including the impact on Doug Fluhrer Park and access to the waterfront.

The city says they are still committing to the northern half of the proposed expansion, which will connect John Counter Boulevard with Rideau and Railway streets.

Municipal officials believe this section of the extension would address future growth issues.

The city’s senior planner Sonya Bolton says the north section would “improve functionality for all users, create access to businesses, provide opportunities for transit and active transportation, and integrate the K&P Trail in an appropriate manner.”

The city will vote on whether to scrap the south portion of the extension on May 21.

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