Labour faces losses of £600,000 on their leftie Glastonbury festival

Corbyn’s Labour Party faces racking up losses of over £600,000 after they only sell 1,800 tickets to their Glastonbury-style festival in London

  • Most of the 20,000 tickets to Labour Live Festival in Haringey have not sold 
  • Analysis finds that it costs around £673,076 to hire the site and put festival on
  • Party bosses have urged MPs to plug the festival as they scramble to sell tickets 

The Labour Party faces losing a staggering £600,000 on their ‘leftie Glastonbury’ festival as they have only sold a fraction of the tickets up for grabs.

Jeremy Corbyn is putting on the Labour Live Festival next month where he will speak alongside sets by The Magic Numbers and The Voice winner Jermain Jackman.

But so far just 1,800 of the 20,000 tickets have been sold, even though the £35 passes – which have a £5 discount for the unemployed – have been on sale for nearly two months.

Laying on such a large one day festival – including hiring the site, security, stage and music systems – costs an estimated £673,076, according to analysis by MailOnline.

Jeremy Corbyn (pictured at Glastonbury last year) is putting on the Labour Live Festival next month but his party faces incurring heavy losses unless they can sell the rest of the tickets

So far just 1,800 of the 20,000 tickets have been sold, even through the £35 passes – which have a £5 discount for the unemployed – have been on sale for nearly two months.

Even if all the tickets sold went at the full price, Labour has so far only taken £63,000 for the festival, leaving them facing a loss of of £610,076.

Party bosses have launched a last-minute publicity blitz to sell tickets to the festival, which is at White Hart Lane Rec in Tottenham, north London, on June 16.

They have been sending out a pleading email to Labour MPs to plug the event on their Twitter accounts.

How the costs of the Labour Live festival break down 

MailOnline has analysed what costs might be involved in putting on the event.

Here is how they break down.

 Hire of venue of over 10,000: £250,000

Haringey Council Booking fee: £6,300

Haringey Council application fee: £126

Haringey Council set up / set down days: £6,250

Haringey Council environmental impact fee: £10,400 

Estimated cost of hiring stages, sound system, security etc: Up to £400,000 

Labour MPs including Tracy Brabin and Eleanor Smith have both posted about the festival in recent days and urged their followers ‘not to miss out’ and ‘make sure you are there’. 

Steve Heap, general secretary of the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO), told MailOnline: ‘It’s an unusual event, it’s not your standard festival. I can see why they are doing it and good luck to them, but it is an unusual one.

‘If they ave got absolutely nothing in the field before they start then to put up stages, PA lighting, fencing,security, catering etc they are going to be looking at spending probably £300,000 to £400,000.’

And the party will have to spend an estimated £273,076 on hiring the venue and fees to Haringey Council. 

But Mr Heap said the party should not panic that it will actually incur the heavy losses just yet as most festival goers buy their tickets quite late.

He said: ‘People buy very late. In the last four weeks, as long as they hit social media very hard, they will sell them.

‘People buy very late for festivals these days. One or two of the big festivals sell out very quickly,  but there are over 1,000 festivals in the UK and most of them sell relatively late.

‘They sell 30 to 50 per cent relatively early for those people used to going to that event and like it, but they sell quite late for the ‘walk up’ buyer.

The line up to the Labour live festival appears to have let the public cold as party bosses shave struggled to sell tickets 

Labour MPs have been urged to tweet about the upcoming festival in a bid to sell more tickets 

Several Labour MPs, including Eleanor Smith, heeded the pleas of party bosses and sent out tweets plugging the event 

‘With a good but of marketing they will probably sell the 20,000, they just need to push it hard on social media.’ 

He added ‘It would have helped in the early publicity if they had said where it was – some of the early publicity just sad it was in London. It didn’t say where.

‘One would expect now they are getting out to especially the London and south east membership letting people know where it is.’

Another industry source said Labour faces losses of around £500,000 if they do not sell more tickets.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow international development secretary Kate Osamor are billed to speak at the festival.

And bands including DVTN, Reverend and the Makers and Rae Morris are due to play. 

A Labour spokesman said: ‘Labour Live will be a festival of music, art and politics. It is a fun-packed day out for the whole family and we encourage everyone to take part.

‘Ticket sales have been positive, and we are offering free tickets to under-14s. 

‘We look forward to hosting Labour Live with our supporters and everyone from the local community.’  

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