Labour MPs plot to defy Jeremy Corbyn and vote to keep Britain in the EU single market

Yesterday’s defeat for Theresa May in the Lords triggered a vote in the lower chamber on a Norway-style deal with Brussels post-Brexit next month.

But that set Mr Corbyn on a collision course with his own backbenchers with dozens set to revolt and defy his official policy, laying bare the massive divisions in Labour.

The leftie leader has followed Theresa May in ruling out staying in the single market, as it would keep trade frictionless but would also mean keeping free movement.

Last night’s debate in the House of Lords saw Labour peers join with Conservative rebels to back the amendment on the EU (withdrawal) bill by 247 to 218.

That is despite Lord Forsyth telling them doing so would ‘fly in the face of the biggest democratic vote in our history’, and Jacob Rees-Mogg saying they have “set themselves against the people”.

The defeat for Mrs May one of 14 she has suffered from Remoaner Lords on her flagship legislation, sets up a difficult vote when it comes back the House of Commons.

But although some of her pro-EU MPs are set to try and back the amendment, it is a much bigger issue for Mr Corbyn.

If he sticks to his policy of not keeping the UK in the single market then he would help Mrs May win the vote by following her and Tory Brexiteers through the voting lobbies.

And that would also lead to a significant rebellion by Remain-backing Labour MPs like Chuka Umunna, who said the Lords vote was a “stunning victory for those who want to protect jobs and trade”.

It was led by the Europhile aristocrat the Duke of Wellington and backed by Lord Mandelson, the Labour ex-Cabinet minister and former European trade commissioner.

He said the impact of leaving the single market would be “savage”, saying: “Our economy simply cannot afford this loss.”

But Mr Rees-Mogg said they were “using an ermine-covered wrecking ball” to try and stop Brexit, adding: "Ultimately, democracy will triumph.

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