Lad scared of rollercoasters tries one after pal persuades him – faints mid-ride

A bloke has been knocked unconscious from sheer terror after taking on a ride at theme park – and clearly losing.

Liam Owens, 26, went to the Colour Clash festival in South Wales with his friend, Thomas Chapman, and was persuaded to go on a pendulum ride because "you only live once".

Footage shows Liam screaming his lungs out shortly after being lifted into the air on the four-seater ride.

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The giant machine starts spinning and flipping them upside down as it goes higher above the ground.

Liam struggles to keep calm and continues to scream and curse while Thomas can't stop laughing.

The faint-hearted man soon goes quiet and slumps into the chair.

"He's fainted!" Thomas shouts as he turns to look at him.

Thankfully, he came around 15 seconds later when the ride came to a standstill.

Thomas said Liam was “adamant” he would not go on the ride, and only agreed to it after his pal paid for his ticket and was refused a refund.

He said: “Liam had told me, ‘I’m not going on there. There’s no way I’m going on there.’ But I said, ‘You are!’.

“We were all waiting in the queue as there was a few of us that wanted to go on, and he was definitely adamant that he wouldn’t.

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“But I had paid for him, and they said they wouldn’t refund it, and everyone else had gone on, so I said I’d come on with him.”

Thomas said his next mission is to take Liam to Europe's tallest rollercoaster.

He said: “There’s a big ride, I think it’s the biggest one in Europe, which has just opened up in Barry Island, which is a seaside resort in Wales.

“And I’m really tempted to take him down there and get him to go on that one. I think he’s going to need a bit of dutch courage to go on that one.”


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