Lake Mead’s latest secret revealed after two skeletons found & body in barrel ‘linked to the MOB’ | The Sun

A WWII vessel has been discovered in Lake Mead, months after two skeletons and a body in a barrel were previously uncovered.

Lake Mead's sinking waters and a megadrought have revealed several discoveries this year, with one body being linked to the mob, according to Lt. Ray Spencer.

A result of the megadrought that began in the year 2,000, Lake Mead's water level had fallen to 1,055 feet in April, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

This lowering water line has revealed a WWII-era Higgins landing craft named after Andrew Jackson Higgins that was previously 200 feet under the surface of the lake.

Now, the ship is down to barely one-third being covered by the water.It sits beached by the lake's marina.

D.J. Jenner of Las Vegas Scuba told the Las Vegas Review Journal of the boat's history as a surveyor of the Colorado river in its heyday, and later as an anchor.


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Jenner, whose company Las Vegas Scuba does dive tours, used to show the boat during its underwater exhibitions.

In a video released by the company, the boat can be seen in its fully submerged state just a few years ago.

According to the National World War II History Museum the boat was named after the New Orleans manufacturer, Andrew Jackson Higgins.

Higgins' unique design helped troops by combining the Landing Craft Personnel (Large) and Landing Craft Vehicle into one safe, efficient mode of transport for soldiers and war vehicles.

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The site says the boat, Higgins best design, known simply as the Higgins Boat, "changed the way the war was fought."

Lake Mead has made headlines recently for other discoveries made from the megadrought.

Skeletal remains of a man who died in the 1970s or 1980s, according to the Clark County Medical Examiners office, were found inside a barrel uncovered by the water's decline on May 1.

The recession of the water line allowed a group walking along the lake's shore to notice the exposed barrel.

A witness to the discovery told K-LAS TV that the victim's "shirt and belt were the only things we could see over his decomposing bones."

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Since the remains in the barrel, additional remains have been found.

According to National Geographic, the drought is the most severe one in 1200 years, and this megadrought can be expected to last until at least 2030.

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