Lara Trump Shares Series Of Family Photos From Private Fundraising Event

The Eric Trump Foundation may be under investigation, but it’s still holding fundraising events

Lara Trump recently shared some Instagram photos of her family from an allegedly “secret” fundraising event on Monday. Tagged with #Curetivity, the social media post is a series of pictures of the family during a private fundraising event held by the former Eric Trump Foundation. Now called Curetivity, the charity foundation is currently under investigation for the mishandling of donation funds, according to Forbes. However, the organization is still allowed to raise funds during the investigation but is apparently not eager to publicize its efforts.

The secrecy of the Curetivity event, which took place at Trump National Golf Club, Westchester County, New York, was broken today when Lara Trump’s photos hit Instagram. The wife of Eric Trump captioned the photos with an appreciation for the foundation’s fundraising efforts.

“What a day! Nothing better than helping raise money for a great cause alongside awesome people!!!”

The main photo in the series is a posed picture of Lara, Eric, and son Luke that seems to be captured in the midst of the event. In the photo, Eric stands behind Lara, who is holding Luke on her hip. Eric’s hand rests on Lara’s upper arm as the couple smiles at the camera. One-year-old Luke with pale skin, rosy cheeks, and blonde hair nibbles on his finger as he looks away from the camera.

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What a day! Nothing better than helping raise money for a great cause alongside awesome people!!! ????????????⛳️????????????✨ @stjude #Curetivity

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Other photos in the series depict the couple golfing with their dogs, meeting apparent patients from St. Jude’s hospital, the donee of the cause, and mixing at social events. The fundraising event’s location has raised controversy because of the reasons for the current Eric Trump Foundation investigation by New York attorney general, says Forbes. Apparently, the company is being investigated because of a previous false statement by Eric Trump stating that his foundation used Trump assets “100% free of charge.” So the recent event at Trump National Golf Club leaves speculators wondering who will cover the related costs.

Forbes also says that the Eric Trump Foundation was found untruthful in its distribution of donated funds. Allegedly, donations in the amount of $500,000 that were received specifically for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital were spent on 40 other undisclosed charities. Furthermore, St. Jude only received $11,000 in funds in comparison. A spokesperson for the Eric Trump Foundation apparently sent an email to Forbes regarding the issue.

“Relevant donors whose money was given to causes other than St. Jude were made aware the funds would be donated elsewhere,” said the email.

AP News reported further on the topic of Trump’s charity fund investigation in June. Supposedly, the Eric Trump Foundation is believed to have spent the charity funds on aid groups directly related to the Trump administration for financial gain. The article reports that the foundation aimed to use funds to help the Trump’s financial advancement. Curetivity claims to have raised millions of dollars for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

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