Leather bags covered in MOULD after being left untouched in Malaysia

Leather products are covered in MOULD after they were left untouched in Malaysian store closed for two months due to coronavirus

  • Malaysia’s lockdown started on 18 March and has been extended until 9 June 
  • Shoes and bags are studded with mould in the store believed to be in Sabah
  • It’s thought the expensive products could have been ruined after the air conditioning was switched off in the shop
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Leather products have been ruined by mould after being left untouched in a Malaysian store which had to close down two months ago due to the coronavirus.  

The startling images of ruined products were taken in a Malaysian shopping centre as the country prepares to enter its third month of coronavirus lockdown. 

Stores across the country have begun to reopen as restrictions are eased.

A stand of leather and faux leather items found covered in mould after employees returned to the store in Malaysia after a two-month lockdown due to coronavirus (left) and a pair of yellowing shoes 

Pictured: Leather bags look studded with mould after employees shut up shop due to the coronavirus crisis two months ago 

Pictured: Polo loafers fell victim to the mould at this store in Malaysia after they shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic 

In the images, which have been shared over 44,000 times on social media, leather products on display including shoes, bags and belts can be seen covered in mould.

Some of them appear ruined by the mould which reportedly grew on both leather and faux-leather display models as they were left for almost two months untouched.

Malaysia’s movement control order (MCO) started on 18 March and has been extended until 9 June. It is unclear where in the country the images were taken but some have suggested it was in the Sabah province. 

Pictured: A rack of belts (left) and shoes (right) completely ruined by the mould at a store in Malaysia. Employees discovered the mould-hit store after closing down for two months in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

This bag, which has a price tag of £126, was completely ruined by the yellowing mould at the store in Malaysia after employees closed the shop down for two months due to the coronavirus outbreak 

Pictured: Furry blue mould can be seen taking hold on the wallet rack after employees locked down the store two months ago due to the coronavirus outbreak in Malaysia

 One bag with a price tag of £126 is completely covered in mould and reports suggest the damage could have been caused by the air conditioning being turned off in the shop.

‘Harry Teh’ commented: ‘It’s shockingly relevant the world over and will affect businesses worldwide. Good job in bringing awareness.’

‘Dave Liew’ added: ‘How fast nature takes over wen absence of human. (sic)’

‘King Yoong’ wrote: ‘Can ask them to sell at very very low low price?’

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