Lee Rigby's devastated mum says she is repulsed by killer's remorse and slams apology

Lyn Rigby was repulsed by his remorse for murdering her soldier son five years ago and does not accept it.

She insisted she never wants him to contact her, saying: “How dare he intrude into our family five years on and make out it was all a big mistake.

“We have always known Lee died for nothing — he was an innocent young man walking home from work.

“But to hear his killer say that Lee was innocent and that he regrets killing him is the ultimate kick in the teeth.

“I don’t accept his sorrow or regret as genuine. And I never want to him to contact me or my family.

Furious Lyn, 51, who has battled depression and moved into a home next to a refuge set up in Lee’s name near Stoke, said Adebolajo’s first signs of remorse have come far too late.

She went on: “I have fought so hard to pull back from the brink of suicide as I tried to get over Lee’s murder.

“It makes me feel even worse to now hear his killer say he regrets what he has done.

“Does he want me to say it’s all OK because he has changed his mind and that he’s decided Lee was innocent after all?

“Adebolajo chose hate and murder and my son was the terrible victim of those choices.

“Having a change of heart five years later will never erase what he did. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness or a second chance.

“I don’t believe that hate has gone away — it’s just a way of him seeking attention because he is locked away for life.

“To hear his killer spout that Lee was innocent breaks my heart all over again because my son should be here with me today.

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“Is this another sick ploy to heap more misery on my family?

“We have suffered enough and I will not pander to his self-pity.”

Lyn, who lives with husband Ian next to Lee Rigby House, said the only good Adebolajo can do is to encourage others to step away from radicalism.

She said: “He should save his words by preaching to other young men to denounce extremism so that no other family has to go through what we have suffered.”

In 2015, she opened a memorial to him in hometown Middleton, Gtr Manchester, after a Sun on Sunday campaign for it.

And she has channelled her emotions and love for Lee into a charity in her son’s name, the Lee Rigby Foundation, to help other bereaved families.

She added: “I have a devoted husband and four daughters who suffered so much because of Lee’s murder.

“They are the most important people in my life and I refuse to fall apart all over again.

“That is what is important to me — not what Lee’s killer thinks or feels.

“My beautiful boy was walking home on a summer’s day in London and his life was stolen from him.

“Now his killer says it was all a terrible mistake.

“They are the only true words he has ever spoken and he has to live with that for the rest of his days without my mercy or forgiveness.”

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