Leisure centre forced to close after swimming pool mysteriously disappears

A leisure centre has been forced to close after the swimming pool mysteriously disappeared.

Staff at Parish Wharf in Portishead near Bristol arrived to work on Saturday morning to find an empty tiled hole where a swimming pool should have been.

Roughly half a million litres drained away overnight.

Workers were baffled by the disappearance before engineers found ‘a fault with the waste valve’.

Disappointed swimmers were turned away today after being told the pool would take days to refill. Water has to be heated, treated, and tested before it can be opened to the public.

A spokesperson for the Parish Wharf leisure centre, which is run by Places for People for North Somerset Council, told the Bristol Post the pool had to close "due to a technical issue in the plant room where a fault with the waste valve resulted in the main pool being drained of water overnight".

They added: "This is currently being investigated and we are working hard to introduce fresh water into the pool as soon as practicable within industry guidelines.

"We are hopeful of having the main pool open early next week, allowing time for the water to be heated and treated in line with regulations.

"The leisure water has not been affected and is still open to the public over the weekend".

While the general fault has been determined, staff are still speculating just how so much water could have drained away so quickly.

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