Lethbridge Christmas campaigns looking for increased donations amid ‘difficult and challenging economic times’

‘Tis the season for giving, and in Lethbridge, several holiday campaigns have already kicked off and according to organizers, demand has grown significantly.

This year, Jade Warf with My City Care said the need is bigger than ever before — meaning even more donations are needed this holiday season.

“It seems like every year the campaign doubles, and this year we need double what we had last year,” Warf said.

“We’ve got over 750 kids registered as of now and we’ll be helping more than 1,000 people this year, so the need is huge.”

Warf is currently working on the Shop of Wonders campaign which collects money and new toys to create a gift exchange experience for families in need.

With several empty shelves in the shop, Warf said so far, the donations coming in aren’t matching the need the program is seeing.

“I don’t think the donations are where we need them to be at this point,” she said.

“Lots of stuff we have leftover from last year and that really helps us to kick-off the campaign, but there are definitely still spots to be filled this year.”

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