Letter sent from 150 ex-national security officials warn Biden transition delay poses ‘serious risk'

A LETTER sent from 150 former national security officials has warned that a delay in a Joe Biden presidential transition will pose a "serious risk."

The letter, which was obtained by POLITICO, was released to the General Services Administration on Thursday.

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Directed to GSA administrator Emily Murphy, the ex-officials stressed the need for 77-year-old Biden and Kamala Harris, 56, to be officially named as the President-elect and Vice President elect under the Presidential Transition Act.

The letter reads: "We reiterate what a bipartisan group of four former Secretaries of Homeland Security have already stated: delaying the transition further poses a serious risk to our national security."

Although the letter was nearly one-and-a-half pages long, the rest of the document was filled with dozens of names, including former title descriptions.

Many of the ex-officials served under Trump, as well as other GOP and Democratic administrations.

Biden and Harris need the GSA to officially declare them as the "apparent successful candidates" of the 2020 presidential election to gain access to important resources, the letter explains.

Once the Democratic duo are announced as the President-elect and Vice President-elect, they will be able to obtain "critical information needed to address pressing national security issues."

An example of major info is "the President’s Daily Briefing and pending decisions on possible uses of military force."

According to the Presidential Transition Act, the President-elect's transition team would be allowed to have security clearances prior to Inauguration Day.

The letter to Murphy concluded with: "Further, it must be noted that your ascertainment that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the 'apparent successful candidates' will not impact President Trump's ability to pursue any valid legal claims or his efforts to contest the results of the presidential election.

"In this moment of uncertainty, we must put politics aside.

"Further delaying the Biden team's ability to access the President's Daily Briefing and other national security information and resources compromises the continuity and readiness of our national leadership, with immense national security stakes hanging in the balance."

The letter comes as President Trump has not yet conceded defeat to his Democrat rival.

Trump has claimed widespread voter fraud despite being unable to provide any evidence of his accusations.

A handful of lawsuits have been filed by the Trump campaign in battleground states where Biden obtained the most votes.

And Republicans are arguing that mail-in ballots may have been tampered with and ballot counters were not correctly watched by independent observers.

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi slammed "absurd" Republicans for "refusing to accept the reality" of Biden's victory.

The House Speaker denounced the opposing party during a joint press conference with Senate Minority Leader, and fellow Democrat, Chuck Schumer on Thursday.

"They're engaged in an absurd circus right now, refusing to accept reality," Pelosi said.

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