Liberals' approach to tackling youth knife crime is deadly and destroying lives

Now we have teenage girl Jodie Chesney, who served in the scouting movement, murdered with a blade in East London.

Another 17-year-old is stabbed to death in an affluent Cheshire village. Birmingham has emerged as the UK’s knife crime capital and stabbings across the country have soared by a fifth in a year.

How has society come to this?

Senior police officers point to more stop and searches, with 2,500 in London in three days.

Yet these are the same Top Brass who, with politicians, did everything they could to reduce the use of this tactic to appease the race lobby and liberal Left.

I saw the massive increase in street robbery and violence after stop and search was reduced.

Sgt Richard Cooke, chairman of the West Mids Police Federation branch, sensibly calls for emergency stop and search powers to be deployed nationwide.


Former Met commissioner Lord Hogan-Howe suggests having a Knife Crime Tsar.

But we won’t find answers from the senior officers who created the problem in the first place.

There is also the question of cuts. Our force needs more bodies, especially out on the beat.

But are the police using their resources effectively?

Last month, the Met had enough officers to arrest a street preacher for reading the Bible outside a Tube station.


Surely they would be better employed targeting gangs or investigating violent crime?

The courts too have much to answer for. The zombie knife attack on a motorist in Croydon initially resulted in a suspended sentence until a public outcry.

One thing I learned working in South London is violent criminals only fear one thing — jail. Yet at least a third of defendants arrested with blades avoid it.

More should also be done to get police involved with local youth groups.

As a detective in Brixton, I ran a local Army Cadet unit. Many of the worst offenders turned into the best recruits.

Our police chiefs and politicians have spent too much time in their ivory towers worrying about diversity strategies.

Lives are being destroyed by their liberal and naive approach to tackling youth violence. It’s time they got a grip.

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