London superintendent calls for powers to evict gang members’ parents

Threaten to evict gang members’ mothers to tackle London’s teenage knife crime epidemic, says police commander

  • Superintendent Nick Davies, commander of London Central north, wants action
  • Top police officer calls for evictions of gang members’ families in London
  • The call comes as the 74th murder investigation is opened after fatal stabbing  

Families of gang members committing crime should be threatened with eviction as knife crime figures rocket across London, a top police officer has said.

Superintendent Nick Davies, commander of London Central north, said hitting parents where it hurts could be enough to deter young men and women terrorising the capital.

Moped robberies, murders, post-code wars and acid attacks are rife in the city in 2018 – with 74 murders already taking place in just six months.

Mr Davies, whose patch includes Islington and Camden where more than a dozen gangs are based, said the eviction threat is ‘seems to be a particularly effective strategy in changing the behaviour’ of gang members.

Police are seen at the Watches of Switzerland jewellery shop in Regent Street after it was attacked by a gang on mopeds

But added the ‘threshold’ for eviction is high, he told The Sunday Times.

However, this is not the first time the controversial method of curbing bad behaviour has been suggested.

The day after the riots ended, in which five people died and thousands clashed with police, David Cameron said: ‘For too long we’ve taken a too soft attitude towards people that loot and pillage their own community. If you do that you should lose your right to the sort of housing that you’ve had at subsidised rates.

He added: ‘Obviously, that will mean they’ve got to be housed somewhere else. They’ll have to find housing in the private sector and that will be tougher for them, but they should have thought of that before they started burgling.’

However, the idea did not catch on.

One person was evicted and others threatened in Wandsworth. One woman handed over her teenage son – rather than be evicted from her £1m council house.

But Superintendent Davies wants to resurrect the idea.


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In Islington, Joe Caluori said he would consider ‘anything’ to stop the senseless killings and crime sprees on London’s streets.

He said: ‘Evicting a family because of the actions of one member is an extreme response but if parents have been given the chance to work with the council and police to reduce the offending and do not engage it makes it difficult to see other pathways.’

The 74th murder investigation on London’s streets was opened this weekend as a man was knifed outside Turnpike Lane station 

Police cordon off a part of Brentford after an acid attack. A woman, aged in her 30s was treated at the scene by paramedics on Friday 

The same borough is currently trialling a programme called the Integrated Gangs Strategy under which psychologists, police, probation workers and other authorities team up to share intelligence.

The children and young adults identified as being at risk are offered counselling and job opportunities, to turn them away from criminal gangs.

Active gang members are also being let off minor crimes like cannabis possession to get the young men to engage with the police and their new strategy.

Superintendent Davies told The Sunday Times: ‘We have reduced our arrest rate, this is a deliberate act.

‘We are not targeting trivia for gang members. We will still arrest for stabbings but not for cannabis possession for instance.’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is to meet Home Secretary Sadiq Javid for urgent talks tomorrow following the latest murder in London.

Last night, a man was stabbed to death in Turnpike Lane in Harringay, north London, bringing the number of murders in London this year to a staggering 74.

The victim, 35, was found by police at about 10pm on Saturday night with multiple stab wounds.

Sadiq Khan said: ‘My thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim of the fatal stabbing in Haringey last night.

‘I am in touch with the local MP and local authority leaders and remain in close contact with the Met Police.

‘Tomorrow morning I will meet with the Home Secretary to discuss how we address the scourge of serious violence across Britain.

‘Here in London, the Met’s Violent Crime Task Force, set up with City Hall funding, is arresting criminals and taking knives off our streets every day.

‘The police must be properly funded now to prevent more lives being lost.’

A knife is seen outside Watches of Switzerland on Regent Street after it was attacked by a gang on mopeds. A knife crime epidemic has swept London in 2018

The latest attack comes amid a murder epidemic sweeping the capital that claimed eight lives in a week from last Wednesday.  

Lyndon Davis, 18, the youngest to have been named, was found suffering from a single stab wound in Chadwell Heath, east London on March 14. 

Joseph Williams-Torres, 20, was killed the same evening as he sat in a stationary car in Essex Close, Walthamstow.   

Father-of-two Tyrone Silcott, 42, died from knife wounds on Sunday morning after a St Patrick’s Day party. 

Police are using the four specialist BMW scrambler bikes to go after moped riders who use alleyways and rat runs to evade more conventional pursuits

Scotland yard will now launch scrambler bikes to catch up with moped gangs who have been robbing and attacking people on the streets of the capital

It is alleged the car mechanic got into a row over two girls at a party in Homerton and was attacked.     

Hersi Hersi, who lived as a trans woman called Naomi, was pronounced dead at the scene after being found with knife injuries at Heathrow Palace in Haslemere Avenue, Hounslow, at 10.50am on Sunday. 

Romanian Beniamin Pieknyi is believed to have jumped in to the fight in a bid to save his friend during the altercation at the Stratford Centre in east London. 

The 20-year-old, who only arrived in Britain two months ago, died in his best friend’s arms after being chased and stabbed by a gang in the busy shopping centre. 


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