Longtime Cuomo rival announces she’s running for governor

After months of speculation, former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner announced Monday she will challenge incumbent Gov. Cuomo as an independent.

The longtime Cuomo rival had publicly mulled running against the governor as he sought a third term.

However, it appeared that her window of opportunity had closed when actress and longtime activist Cynthia Nixon jumped into the Democratic primary race.

“The price of politics as usual and the cost of corruption is weighing us all down,” Miner tweeted Tuesday morning. “That’s why I’m running for Governor—not as a Democrat, not as a Republican, but as a citizen of New York.”

But by running as an independent, Miner risks siphoning votes from Cuomo in November, which would provide a boost to Republican Marc Molinaro.
Longtime Cuomo hands and allies quickly attacked Miner on Twitter, blasting the life-long Democrat for challenging the incumbent from outside the party.

“(S)he decided against competing in the Dem primary, despite previously framing herself as more progressive than Cuomo,” tweeted former Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing.

“No matter the reason behind this bizarre move, I am fairly certain today is the most and only time people will spend talking about Stephanie Miner running for Governor. Hope she enjoys the day.”

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