Macron likens talking with Trump to making sausage

French leader Emmanuel Macron compared talking to ​President Donald Trump and other world leaders to making sausages – best not to know what’s inside, according to a report on Wednesday.

“As Bismarck used to say, if we explained to people how sausages were made, it’s unlikely they’d keep eating them,” Macron said, referring to 19th-century Prussian leader Otto von Bismarck, Reuters reported. “So I like it when people see the finished meal, but I’m not convinced the kitchen commentary helps with delivering the meal or eating it.” ​

​The comparison came when Macron was asked Tuesday about a CNN report from last week that said he called out Trump during a phone call over trade and immigration.

The conversation happened on the same day the president imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum affecting Mexico, Canada and the countries in the European Union.

“Just bad. It was terrible,” the cable network reported about the call. “Macron thought he would be able to speak his mind, based on the relationship. But Trump can’t handle being criticized like that.”

The White House’s readout of the call said the two leaders focused on trade and immigration.

But the Elysee Palace released a statement saying Macron considered the tariffs “illegal” and “a mistake on many points.”

The French president said he likes to keep his cards close to his vest and not reveal too much to the media.

“You can go and ask the people who make comments, but here in Paris we don’t make comments on how it went, or how hot, cold, warm or terrible things are. We just go ahead and do things,” Macron said.

He also said he was looking forward to this weekend’s G-7 summit in Quebec where he hopes to have a “useful” and “frank” exchange with Trump on trade.

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