Making A Murderer's Steven Avery is innocent – my stepmom wiped computer to destroy evidence, claims nephew

STEVEN Avery's nephew claims the Making a Murderer star is INNOCENT and alleges his stepmom wiped computer files in a bid to destroy evidence.

Netflix's crime documentary series detailed the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, 25, who was found dead after visiting Avery's home in Manitowoc, Wisconsin to photograph his car.

The doc cast doubt on the conviction of Steven, 58, and his nephew Brendan, 31, – a vulnerable youngster with learning difficulties who was grilled by cops and confessed without a lawyer or guardian present.

Brad Dassey, 37, Brendan's half-brother, has told The Sun Online that his stepmom Barb Tadych allegedly destroyed evidence by wiping pornography on the family's computer belonging to another relative.

The 37-year-old claimed in a 2019 affidavit that Barb told him she had hired someone to "reformat" her computer and asked Brad if this process would actually remove everything on the device.

Barb Tadych has denied any wrongdoing and has recently taken out a restraining order against Brad.

The Sun Online has contacted Barb to comment on Brad's claims.

According to court docs, Steven Avery's appeal lawyer Kathryn Zellner has pointed the finger at Barb's son Bobby Dassey and her husband Scott Tadych, who were each others' alibis at the time of the killing.

Zellner also claims in the court filings that Bobby had access to violent pornography.

Brad alleges in his affidavit that his stepmom Barb found out what was on the family's computer and had the machine wiped clean.

He told The Sun Online: “We were driving up to see Brendan when he when he was in custody [in 2006]. I was in the backseat of some black vehicle with Barb.

"She asked: 'If somebody erases your computer is the stuff really gone? Is it, for sure, gone?' And I said: 'Well, no.'

"I told her the truth. Someone can run special software and get all that stuff back and see what you did."

He claimed: "Barb sacrificed Steven and Brendan for Scott and Bobby."

Neither Scott or Bobby have ever been arrested or charged and strongly deny any involvement in the Teresa's murder.

When Brad asked Barb – who denies all allegations of misconduct – why she did not stop the police quizzing her son without anyone present, he claims she said: “Oh, they won't let me in the room.”

Court documents filed by Zellner allege that Bobby and Scott both lied in their testimony leading to Avery's conviction.

The filings state: "Current post-conviction counsel is providing this court with new evidence which establishes that Ms Halbach and her vehicle left the Avery property.

"That Bobby Dassey gave false testimony about Ms Halbach and her vehicle not leaving the Avery property.

"That Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych gave false testimony establishing the other's alibi

"That the Dassey computer contains images of Ms Halbach, violent pornography and dead bodies of young females viewed by Bobby Dassey at relevant time periods before and after the murder of Ms Halbach."

Brendan, who has the mental age of a nine-year-old, allegedly helped his uncle rape and murder Teresa before her body was burned.

When Steven was arrested in 2005 he was in the process of suing Wisconsin police after he was wrongly convicted and jailed for rape and attempted murder.

Now, with the pair appealing their convictions, a new witness Thomas Sowinski claims to have seen Brendan's “shirtless brother Bobby Dassey and an unidentified male, suspiciously pushing a dark blue RAV-4 down Avery Road towards the junkyard”.

In the court docs, Sowinski said: "Bobby Dassey looked me in the eye, and I could tell he was not happy to see me there. I knew that Bobby Dassey and the older individual were doing something creepy,"

Teresa's blue RAV-4 was later found dumped in the Avery family's salvage yard.

The witness’ statement has been released as part of a motion by Zellner accusing police of hiding evidence.

Zellner has said in interviews and court documents that Bobby and his stepdad are suspects in the murder.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Zellner said: “I ask myself what would motivate Tadych and Bobby to be such obstructionists and I have reached the inevitable conclusion, as our court filings state, that they were involved in the crime and Barb, was and is involved, even unwittingly, in its coverup”.

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